Saturday, November 04, 2006

And One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

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Friday, November 03, 2006

The Light of the World

Last night on my way home, the bus I was on was stuck at a traffic light and it was too far behind to catch the one I wanted ahead. I looked to see if another bus was approaching but there wasn't any in sight. I didn't fancy waiting in the cold, so I focused on the Light that we all are.

When I got off the bus I saw the bus I wanted was about to drive off, but then it stopped and the doors were open. I made a dash for it and got on. I saw the driver was busy reading a card. I have observed that just before a driver changes shifts he fills in a card. It's interesting how he chose to do this at this bus stop instead of the next bus stop where he swapped with another driver.

Thank you, God, for working Your light magic.


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When Two or Three are Gathered

In a previous article called That's Life!, I talked about meeting an Internet friend for the first time. While we were chatting in the cafe, I suggested we look for some comfy chairs. Though we got some seats that were ideal, we didn't have the comfy chairs I had in mind. Only one popped up.

This is what my friend had to say after reading the article:
"One thing about the comfy chairs you mention in your blog - I didn't say this at the time but although you wanted them I didn't - because being in them would have created a 3 or 4 foot space between us. I was more interested in a comfy sofa. So maybe there was a conflict of interest there but you did get a chair in the end."
This raises a very important point about group prayer. Have you ever wondered why so many people are getting together and praying for world peace and yet this is not being made manifest? Could it be because they are not in agreement?

In the Bible Jesus teaches:

"Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matthew 18: 19-20
Whenever one is involved in a group prayer, it is imperative that every member of that group is in agreement about what they want to have manifested. This is because Mind is one and undivided. The moment there is a conflict of interest, either nothing is going to happen or there are going to be many things happening according to each individual's intent. In my case, I got my comfy chair but we didn't get the comfy sofa my friend had in mind because that wasn't my intention.

When two or three are gathered together it must be with a unified intent.


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Be Like a Little Child and You are in Heaven

At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18: 1-4
When I was working in the library a little girl, about three or four years old, went up to her mother beside me. She said, "Mum, I'd like to do a poo please."

"Awww, how sweet!" I said. "When you need to poo, you need to poo, right?" She giggled.

That's what I love about kids, they have no sense of embarrassment, or rather they haven't been conditioned to the social mores of the day.

The woman accompanied her daughter to the toilet. When they returned I asked her if she'd had a good poo. Her mother said she didn't need to go after all.

In the above passage from the Bible, Jesus teaches that except we become like little children we will not "enter into the kingdom of heaven." The "kingdom of heaven" is not in some far flung place that you can only visit in your dreams or when you die, it is here now. Heaven is a state of being. You simply need to be "humble" just as kids are.

Babies have such trust in the universe. Have you observed how babies can fall asleep anywhere. How many times have you seen a baby worrying about falling out of his buggy/pushchair? They have no shame about asking anyone to meet their needs. Only when they've been conditioned not to speak to "strangers” do they only focus on their parents.

The dominant human programme is that the source of our supply is very limited indeed. First, it comes from your parents, relations and loved ones but NEVER from strangers. You can't trust strangers. As a child gets older he's let into the Big Secret: "Money doesn't grown on trees. Your parents have to earn the money to supply your needs." You then accept the belief that the only way to meet your needs is by earning a living. If you want to earn other people's respect you need to be self-sufficient. Any other way is unacceptable.

I got a lecture from my mother recently about the importance of self-respect, which she doesn't believe I have. She said as a child she wouldn't accept things from her parents because she wanted to be independent. She said I should stop looking to people to meet my needs but to stand on my own two feet. What she doesn't realise is I see God in all things and it is God appearing as the people. Besides, only when you have a self do you need to have self-respect. As I see it, there is only one Self and it is God.

To live in the kingdom of heaven, you have to let go of the "being independent" programme and see reality as it is: God/Light/Love is all there is. Since God is everywhere present, your supply comes in all shapes and forms: from family, friends, "strangers", nature, anywhere.

As I was typing in the library, I noticed a young man staring at me. He said he was amazed how fast I typed and wanted to know how I could type so fast. He said he's from Taiwan and studying English. He was looking for someone to do an exchange with: he said he would share his knowledge of stock markets while he practised English. I said I knew someone who is into stock markets and I'll email him and ask if he's available. I told my friend there are always people for him to practise with, someone like me for instance.

My friend said he learned English the American way and he was finding the British English quite a challenge. He finds a lot of people difficult to understand. I said it was because people have different accents. At one point he wanted to know whether he was disturbing me and I said no.

"Is disturbing the same as troubling?" he said.
"Yes they are the same."

Just at that moment a librarian came over and said to my friend "Sorry to disturb you, are you using this computer?"

He said no.

After the librarian had gone I said to him, "Did you notice she used the word 'disturb'?"

He was tickled pink.

When I told him my name was Enocia, pronounced Enokia, he said it sounded like the Hinoki tree. I looked it up on Google and I loved it. My friend also showed me how to narrow my search on Google by using the "Advanced Search" facility, which I have never explored before. I then emailed my friend some useful links to help him with his vocabulary.

My friend is like a little child taking baby steps in the English language. When he asked for help we were both blessed: I ended up meeting a new friend who introduced me to the Hinoki tree and lots more; and he got the opportunity to practise his English.

The "kingdom of heaven" is here and now. Be like a little child and you are in heaven.


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Thursday, November 02, 2006

That's Life!

All is God and God is Infinite Good.

In a previous article I wrote:

"Whenever I have an idea to have an experience, that experience already exists. The reason why I have had the idea is because the idea is seeking expression in the first place. Therefore, instead of trying to figure out how the idea is going to be expressed, all I need to do is trust in the idea to express through me in Its own way." Everything You Want, Wants You
For the last two years I've been communicating by email with an Internet friend. We've talked about the possibility of meeting face to face but it hasn't happened. He also lives out of London so it needed planning.

A week ago my friend said he was coming down to London for a course and wondered if I was going to be in the area. It felt as if the meeting had been divinely arranged and I was well up for it.

Yesterday evening we finally met up and he was fun to be with.

We went to a cafe at a bookshop. The cafe was crowded at the time and the table we shared wasn't ideal as it had empty cups on it. After a while I suggested we went to find some comfy chairs in the bookshop. There were no seats available at the time. We returned to the cafe and found two chairs and shared a table with this young man who was reading his book. Soon a man and a woman got up to leave. Not only was their table clean, it was at the far corner so we could chat without disturbing anyone. I still had my sights set on the comfy chairs though. I soon noticed one available but we couldn't move as we needed two chairs. It was soon time to leave anyway. Just as we were going past one of the comfy seats I rested on it for a few seconds. At least I did get that desire fulfilled.

Thank you God.


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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Heaven is Now

SULLIVAN: 'A hundred thousand welcomes.' It's an old Irish saying. We're all friends here.
JANEWAY: I had an aunt who used to have a saying like that. A stranger is a friend you just haven't met yet.
SULLIVAN: Definitely Irish. Fair Haven, Episode of StarTrek Voyager
Heaven is God and God is Love. There is nothing but Love. By Love I mean all that is Good such as beauty, peace, love, power, wisdom, abundance, joy, harmony etc.

I live in Heaven right now. All around me are my Heaven/Love friends garbed in infinite forms and appearances. At first impression you might feel you have nothing in common with someone let alone see him as Love, but when you go beyond his guise you discover the glory of God in human form.

I believe the human experience is a great way to go beyond appearances. By sharing what we are being at that moment, we are able to find commonalities and then be and share the love that we are.

This morning I sat next to this man on the bus. After a while, he asked if the bus was going to a place called Ilford and whether it was close by. I said it was but Ilford was at least another half hour by bus. As he wasn't a local I asked where he was from and he said Nigeria. He's on holidays in the UK for a few weeks. I told him my grandfather was Nigerian and my parents are from Sierra Leone. I shared my middle name with him - "Ebironkeh" which means "cherished one." He was surprised and delighted. I noticed he had an American accent. He said he spent some time in America where he trained in medicine.

Now that we'd broken the ice we chatted freely. He said he worked in Immigrations in Nigeria. He asked me what I did and I said I was a writer; I told him I write about love and the glory of God. He asked me if I was a Christian and I said I wasn't but I believe in God and know God is all in all. It was a joy speaking to my "new" friend.

Heaven is now.
Love is all there is.


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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I was waiting for an email to come through but it didn't appear in my Inbox. I had a thought to look in the Bulk and sure enough it was sitting there. I then marked the email as "Not Spam" in order for future emails from that sender to be received in my Inbox.

It got me thinking about prayers. If you think God is not answering your prayers, it could be you're filtering out the answers. It is possible your beliefs and thoughts are preventing you from seeing the answers already present.

You may have a fixed view of how things should be and are not open for God's infinite abundance to flow through limitless channels.

It could be you see yourself as totally independent and self-sufficient. How can you allow further assistance when you're perfectly capable of looking after yourself?

One day when you are finally ready to let go of your filters, you will then realise all good is already present and waiting to be received into your Inbox, albeit through different channels.

Let go of your filters and let God.


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Monday, October 30, 2006


One of the fun ways I find to improve one-pointed focus is through Japa meditation, when you repeat a mantra or the name of God over and over again.

I remember the first time I went to an introductory Hari Krishna Japa session. Armed with our prayer beads that we were to use as our guides, we were asked to chant a whole round of Hari Krishna, i.e. 108 times. By the time we'd finished I was the only one still awake; my Japa friends were all fast asleep. The leader was very impressed and asked me how I managed to stay focused. I guess it was fun.

I find chanting "God" is an excellent reminder that God is all in all. Other Japas I use are: "Love", "Peace", "Joy", "Light," and "I am that I am." There's nothing like power-walking your way by chanting "God."

My experience of Japa is that whatever I focus on comes to life in two ways. First, the Japa chants itself. This means after I've been chanting "God," I can still hear a voice in my head chanting God, rather like an annoying melody you can't get rid of. Well, I don't mind the thought "God" in my head.

Second, I experience the power of God in manifestation within and around me. Let's say I'm chanting "Peace," I feel a tangible peace as a tangible presence and feel myself as Peace. Ditto love, joy and light. If it's God, I feel this immense feeling of power within me and without.

Yesterday just for fun on a very long bus ride I chanted "God." When I stopped I noticed God's presence. I could see that as people were walking they were moving with God power and energy. It was dusk at the time and I was struck by the beauty of the sky as the invisible artist worked wonders on His cosmic canvas. I observed God's power moving the buses and all the cars around; I observed God's creative intelligence in all things. I also noticed a man in front of me with the words "Life&Glory" at the back of his jacket.

While Japa involves effort, in fact it is another way of being. When I'm focused on, say, Peace, I am being Peace. How Peace is made manifest, however, is none of my concern.


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Peace Be With You

"I'm not a member of any organized political party, I'm a Democrat!" Will Rogers

"I want to know God's thoughts... the rest are details." Albert Einstein
So I went to central London intending to visit the Stephen Wiltshire gallery but I got sidetracked by the activities at Trafalgar Square. I was curious to find out what was going on. It was Eid in the Square, a celebration to mark the end of Ramadan, "the month of fasting observed by millions of Muslims across the world." The wonderful thing about the event was it was the first ever being held at Trafalgar Square. I figured I might as well join in the celebration.

I am very familiar with Ramadan because I come from a family that is part Muslim. My grandmother on my mother's side was raised a Christian; her father was a Methodist minister. She married my grandfather who was a Muslim. Their children were raised as Muslims. When their father passed away the children were given the option whether they wanted to remain Muslim or convert to Christianity. My mother and one brother converted to Christianity while another brother and sister remained Muslims. I was brought up as a Christian Methodist but I now follow no religion.

At Eid in the Square, I found there was a tangible atmosphere of peace in the Square. One performer said his music had both British and Arabic influence but his songs sounded more like a prayer. The presenters seem to emanate peace; even the applause from the audience sounded peaceful. It didn't really surprise me because Muslims always greet one another with "Salam Alaikum" which means "peace be upon you." Every performer started with "Salam Alaikum." I was so moved by the songs I wanted to stay for the whole ceremony. I figured I could visit the gallery the next day, but then I had a thought to visit the gallery as it was only five minutes away. I got there just in time before they closed. It turned out the gallery wasn't open the next day (Sunday).

After the gallery, which had amazing pictures, I was back at the square. I moved among the audience and felt myself being embraced by this peaceful presence all around me. In fact, the presence stayed with me hours later after I'd left the event.

For me, there is a definite difference between peace and bliss. Peace is a tangible presence, while bliss is an inner feeling of great joy and happiness. I can be embraced in this peace while still thinking; but when I feel blissful, I'm captured in bliss. When I went to Diwali on the Square two weeks back, the vibe was of joy and happiness. The songs were lively and people looked as if they were filled with joy. The vibe of Eid was that of peace.

The experience got me thinking about God. Most people believe God is love but love isn't all that God is. God is the sum total of all that is good which includes love, peace, joy, bliss, wisdom, power, life, freedom, harmony, beauty...etc. Now religions are based on a founder/leader/teacher's vision or realisations of God. I've studied Jesus' ministry in the Bible on which Christianity is meant to be based on. From his teachings and miracles, Jesus was demonstrating God's many attributes such as spirit, light, love, grace, peace, truth, freedom, harmony, abundance and life. These attributes are the gifts of Christianity. The reason why I could never be a Christian is because I'm only interested in the attributes of God not human doctrines.

At one point I was interested in Hari Krishna because of the devotional aspect of singing and praising God. I soon discovered you couldn't become a member without following the teachings of the religious leader. I got what I wanted and left the rest behind.

I believe Islam offers peace to the world and for that I am very grateful.

Salam Alaikum!


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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Walking Joy

Joy is my true state of being. I don't need to look outside of myself to experience joy; I am an endless source of joy. Here are a few ways I experience joy.

I call on the Inner DJ, whose job it is to play in my head songs I love, the ones that give me goosebumps. "DJ drop that beat!" Sometimes the Inner DJ reminds me of lyrics that are full of joy.

I call on the Inner Clown who sees everything in a funny light. He is an endless source of funny anecdotes, satire and humour.

I recall funny stories and incidents. Ideas fill me up with joy.

I tune into my inner canned laughter that sounds like the way I laugh.

I smile.

The simplest way of course is to simply be still and know that I am Joy.

I find joy tastes like nectar. How do I know what nectar tastes like? a child, I used to cut the heads off flowers and drink their nectar. Yes, it was me, I confess my sins, OK! In case you’re wondering, no, I no longer drink nectar from flowers, I'm a big girl now.

I feel joy, I see joy, I taste joy, I hear joy, I smell joy.

I am endless joy.


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Friday, October 27, 2006

One Voice, Many Voices

Within me there are infinite voices yet these voices merge into one voice, which I hear as my inner voice.

The inner voice is the spokesperson for the other voices.

What are the other voices?

Each voice represents the real self of each individual that is unique, full of joy, love and boundless. That doesn't only apply to humans but all life, all forms and all ideas.

If I want to know the real truth of someone, all I need to do is tune into the real self and listen.

All selves are interconnected.

The many voices are one.

Enocia a.k.a. Vector8

The Law of Love

Is the universe governed by any laws? Well that rather depends on what you believe.

I believe there are two fundamental laws.

First, Love is all there is.

Second, you experience what you believe.

What do I mean by Love?

Love means so many different things to different people. Some people believe Love is acceptance of all things. Some believe Love is loving unconditionally. For some, Love is impartial and attracts to you exactly what you put out.

For me, Love is good and wonderful and true. Love only knows and sees Love. Love is the Light that knows no darkness. Because Love is good, Love is constantly transmuting anything unlike itself into itself. And Love is constantly creating all things new. Therefore, it doesn't matter what my thoughts were a moment ago, Love is making all things love. And another thing, Love is not under any other rules or law as it is unconditioned.

As far as I'm concerned, the universe is governed by only one Law: "Life is Love; and Love is what I believe it is."

Obviously, it's my own personal view. People who share my beliefs will probably have similar experiences; people who don't, won't.

Life is Love.


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Activating Love

If we live and have our being in Divine Love, how come there is so much fear?

Imagine you've been invited to your friend's house for dinner. She's prepared a dish you're not familiar with. You try to work out what the different flavours are but you have no idea what they are. You come to the conclusion that you don't like the food. When your friend asks you what you thought of the food, you politely tell her you enjoyed it. A few weeks later, you're back at your friend's place for dinner. Because she thought you liked what she prepared the last time, she's prepared the same dish. Not wanting to upset your friend you have some. This time you really like it. What's changed? Could it be that you started liking the food once your taste buds had got accustomed to the food?

Most of what I like is acquired taste that I've grown to love over time. There have been some things that I have not liked even though I've had them several times. In other words, I've trained my taste buds to appreciate some tastes and not others. For instance, I don't like avocado but when it's prepared as guacamole I don't mind it at all, though I can't say I'm crazy about it.

Back to the question at hand. If we are swimming in Love, how come the world doesn't reflect this? Could it be that we need to train our senses to become aware of Love’s presence?

When you are aware of something you activate that thing; and the thing appears to come to life.

Sometimes on my bus journeys I play the game of colours. I decide, for instance, that I'm going to notice all things purple, and all I notice is purple. And the more purple I notice, the more purple experiences I attract. By becoming aware of purple. I am activating purple; I am bringing purple to life. When I get bored playing this game I stop noticing purple; or rather, all colours merge into one.

So if we want to experience Love we need to become aware of Love which activates Love. Activating Love is becoming aware of the Power of Love in all ideas, all forms visible and invisible, all space, and all time.

There is a passage in the Bible when Jesus is hungry. He approaches a fig tree hoping he'll find some figs on it, but he finds nothing but leaves. Jesus tells the tree:

"No man eat fruit of thee hereafter for ever. And his disciples heard it." (Mark 11: 14)
The bible says "in the morning", presumably the next day, when Jesus and his disciples pass by the fig tree, they notice it has withered to the roots. Jesus' disciple, Peter, asks him about it.

"And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.

"For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith." (Mark 11: 22-23)
Jesus seems to be teaching his disciples not only about faith in God but becoming aware of the Power of God in all things. When you know the Power that created the Universe is in a tree, you can tell it to wither and it will.

Imagine living in a Universe where you're aware of the Power of Love working in all. You can speak to anything and it will obey you.

As I was crossing the road I saw my bus approaching the stop. By the time I crossed over the road, the bus doors were closed and the driver was about to take off. I thought "I really want that bus." The driver opened the front doors and I was able to get on board.

Activating love is not creating Love as Love is always present. Activating Love is simply becoming aware of the Presence of Love in all things.

Love is all in all.


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Thursday, October 26, 2006

God in Every Moment

"God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: God shall help her, and that right early." (Psalm 46:5)
While I was working on a piece called Boundlessness, the Internet went down. The library staff believed it was a network problem and didn’t know how long it would take to fix it. I prayed to the Source in the story I was writing.

How did I pray to the "Source in the story I was writing?" By realising the following two principles:

First, God is all in all. This means every idea and experience contains the infinite power of God, the same power that gives rise to the universe.

Second, when I get an idea for an experience it is because the experience is seeking expression.

Therefore, the story is God seeking expression. I asked God for help.

I then turned my attention to writing this piece knowing by the time I had finished I would be able to publish both stories.

That’s exactly what happened.

God is all in all.

Thank you God.


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Boundlessness is a state of being where your sense of self has no boundaries.

While I appear to have my own body that distinguishes me as separate from another, that is not the full story. If I think of my identity purely from this standpoint then I am limiting myself. I have to go beyond the form to discover my infinite potential which is boundless love.

Recently on the bus I heard this man speaking to his son (or daughter) on his mobile phone. He was asking him what he'd been up to and when he could see him. He also asked the child about the baby. I wondered if this meant the man wasn’t living with the children’s mother. Instead of dreaming up stories about him I asked him outright.

"Was that your son or daughter?"
"It was my daughter."
"How old is she?"
"She's three. I like calling her because by the time I get home she's usually in bed."
"I see."
"I love her so much and I really miss not seeing her," he said.
"That's lovely. You mentioned something about a baby?"
"Yes, he's only 6 months old."
"Sounds like you're really enjoying being a dad," I said.
"Yes, I am," he grinned. "What about you, have you got any kids?"
"Don't you want any?"
"It's not really my path."
"I know what you mean. Being a parent is a huge responsibility and it is not for everyone. Sometimes I feel sad when I am not home in time to spend time with my daughter."
"Well it's been nice talking to you," I said as we approached the last stop."

A few days later I was speaking to a friend and I told her about this man who loved his kids. My friend was surprised I had not only eavesdropped his conversation, I had got him to open up to me about his family situation. I thought it was the most natural thing to do.

The other day at a bookshop I heard a young man speaking on his mobile with a friend or so I presumed. He sounded American. At first he was happy sharing what he'd been up to in London. Then the tone of his voice changed as if he was guarded. He told his friend he was trying to stay in his "core" and didn't appreciate his friend's advice. He said the reason why they usually fall out is because his friend is always trying to tell him how he should live his life. He said he couldn't take his friend's advice seriously because he couldn’t see any evidence of her applying the same advice to her life situation. The man said he had to go and hung up. I wondered if he had been speaking to his girlfriend.

When he'd finished I went back to the book I was browsing. On the next page the reader was talking about how important it is to be true to yourself and stay in your "core" no matter what. People mean well when they give advice but only you know what's the right thing for you. You have to trust in the voice within you.

I was now facing a dilemma. I wanted to share this paragraph with the young man but if I did it would confirm I'd been eavesdropping his conversation. What to do? I decided to go for it. I told him I was a writer and I usually listen to snippets of people's conversation as I found them interesting. I told him I'd just come across a paragraph that mirrored his conversation.

When he'd finished reading the paragraph, he said "I can relate to this. My mother is always trying to tell me what to do. She seems stuck in a particular way of seeing me and can't see that I've grown and quite capable of following my own guide."
"I know exactly what you mean," I smiled. "Your mother means well, they all do."
"Thanks for sharing this," he said.
"No problem."

At the bus stop the other day, I met this elderly lady who was carrying a suitcase. I pointed out to her that her suitcase was open. She thanked me. I asked her where she was going and she said Knightsbridge. She asked me what bus she could take. I told her she needed to get two buses. She said she was doing her family tree and had discovered some connections to a famous company. When our bus arrived we sat in separate seats. I picked up a newspaper and had a good read. Later I realised we were both travelling on the same route so I sat next to her. She resumed her story about what she'd discovered in her research. Much of what she was saying didn't make much sense to me as it had a lot to do with family feuds over inheritance. When we got off the bus and got on the next one, she continued telling me about her family situation. She divorced her husband and had to raise three sons on her own. She said it was hard but she was very determined. She fought for her kids to have scholarships to attend public school, which in the UK is a a fee charging independent secondary school. Now her grown up sons are doing very well, one is even a millionaire. Just before she got off she said it was nice speaking to me. It would appear my friend simply needed someone to listen to her and that is what I did.

When you know your nature is boundless it's quite natural for you to speak to someone beside you; after all, that person is you. You may even find that the one sitting beside you has the very answer you've been seeking or you have something that person needs at that moment.

There are no boundaries.

All is Love.


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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Games People Play

There is so much for us to complain about.

There is the cost of living for one, which is way higher than many of us can afford.

The minority, the rich, are getting richer; why can't they share what they have?

And the government is trying to squeeze people mercilessly for more tax.

The media is constantly feeding people with lies and more lies.

The police are corrupt.

Because of all those additives and preservatives, we have no idea what is good to eat.

The NHS (National Health Service) has gone to the dogs.

We are depleting the earth's natural resources, which is leading to global warming. At the rate we're going, the British Isles will soon be under water.

And people look so miserable, don't they? Maybe, it's all the negative thoughts in the ethers.

Moan, moan, moan.

Consider the following:

Do not say:
"God gave us this delusion."
You dream you are the doer,
You dream that action is done,
You dream that action bears fruit.
It is your ignorance,
It is the world's delusion
That gives you these dreams.

The Lord is everywhere
And always perfect:
What does He care for man's sin
Or the righteousness of man?

The Atman is the light:
The light is covered by darkness:
This darkness is delusion:
This is why we dream.

When the light of the Atman
Drives out our darkness
That light shines forth from us,
A sun in splendour,
The revealed Brahman. The Song of God Bhagavad Gita
The Bhagavad Gita is speaking about our true nature, Brahman. Brahman is perfection; and nothing can be added to or taken away from perfection.

The Lord is infinite energy, why would He care about what goes in food?

The Lord is abundance, why would He care about how much things cost?

The Lord is infinite love, why would He care about whether one is being good or bad, negative or positive?

The Lord is truth, why would He care what the newspapers have to say?

The Lord is infinite power, how can He ever be depleted of energy?

Here's another reminder:

The Lord is everywhere
And always perfect:
What does He care for man's sin
Or the righteousness of man?

So instead of moaning about the state of the world, which is only a dream anyway, I focus on what I believe to be my true identity. Then I see everything we moan about for what it is - a virtual reality game that has no power; a game I can choose to participate in or not.

I am Brahman.


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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Everything You Want, Wants You

"So be yourself and enjoy Life in your own Divine way. Do not fear to be your true self, for everything you want, wants you." (Your Invisible Power, Genevieve Behrend, p. 48)
Whenever I have an idea to have an experience, that experience already exists. The reason why I have had the idea is because the idea is seeking expression in the first place. Therefore, instead of trying to figure out how the idea is going to be expressed, all I need to do is trust in the idea to express through me in Its own way.

Years ago I had an idea that I'd never seen any pink cars. After that I started noticing fuchsia taxis. Soon I started seeing pink cars. There were not many of them, mind you. Now I see at least one pink car a week. In the last three days I've seen two pink cars.

Yesterday on the bus I picked up a freebie newspaper. With all the free newspapers they are dishing out these days, I've been wondering why people bother buying the evening newspapers. Anyway, this newspaper said its sister newspaper, which is not free, was offering free cinema tickets to every reader. I guess it was an incentive to buy their newspapers.

Later in the evening while I was sitting in a bookshop in town, a man sat beside me. I noticed he was reading the evening newspaper, the one you pay for. I also noticed a strong smell of fish around him as if he'd been eating tuna or something. After he'd finished reading it he started reading his book. I asked if I could borrow his newspaper and he let me. I flicked through it. I noticed a headline that read "Guardian rules OK!" that was almost a mirror image to an article I wrote recently called God Rules, OK!, but I didn’t read what it was about. I then noticed the free cinema voucher for next Monday. After I'd finished browsing I handed the newspaper back to my friend. He asked if I'd found it interesting and I said not particularly. When he'd finished reading his book he said goodbye. I noticed he'd left his newspaper so I called him back but he said he didn't want it. So I cut the voucher out of the newspaper.

Hmmm! Something smells very fishy here! I wonder if the Universe was trying to bless me with a cinema ticket? I haven't been to the cinema in ages.

Why, you sneaky so and so!


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Monday, October 23, 2006

All is Love-Light

If you continue to see life as dual i.e. Mind/body or Spirit/flesh, then you will continue to experience life as dual.

See all as Spirit/Mind/Love/Light.

Where there is only Love-Light there are no persons, no nature, no planets, no stars, no dimensions, no forms.

All is Love-Light.


Friday, October 20, 2006


When I woke up this morning I felt like doing number two. I tried but only a pellet came out. Just as I was going to force myself I thought, "Merde! What am I doing?" God is in charge including the excretory system and it is effortless."

I no longer felt the urge.

Oh pooh!


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