Monday, August 28, 2006

Being Adorable

Yesterday I had a thought to go for a walk in a particular park. The inner voice said I was going to meet someone I knew. I was to let go of all expectations and just trust in Self to guide my steps. So I let my feet do the walking. I walked among people sitting on the grass and benches listening to a band. Then my feet took me across a bridge where I enjoyed birds frolicking on the pond. Finally, I had the urge to rest on a park bench. The next one I came across had a woman already sitting on it. I sat beside her.

My bench companion was feeding squirrels. She asked me if I was scared of squirrels. I told her I adored them. One squirrel came right up to her hand and took a peanut, cracked it open, and nibbled at it. When he'd finished he was back for more, as was another squirrel and another. The squirrels didn't always eat the peanuts, they stored them in little holes. Each time a squirrel came up to my friend, passers-by would stop and coo at the squirrel. Everyone, adults and children, found them adorable. Then my friend gave me some peanuts so I could share in the fun. One squirrel came up to me and took the peanut from my hand. His little hand actually touched mine. It was magic!

My friend's feeding soon attracted some people who sat behind us. They also had peanuts which they fed the squirrels. Another man who comes to the park just to feed the squirrels joined us. He accused my friend of distracting his favourite squirrel, whom he called "lady"; while the squirrel calls him "Mr Food."

"The squirrel is not yours," I said.
"Yes, she is," Mr Food said. "I love her and she loves me."
"We all love her," I said.
"But our relationship is special."
"Well, if you love somebody set them free."

My friend and I sniggered.

When Mr Food finally attracted "lady's" attention he got her to climb up his shoulder.

"Look at him showing off!" my friend said. "He's treating the squirrel as a circus act."
"More like his trophy lady," I chuckled.

The squirrel scampered as soon as she had been fed. Just to spite Mr Food, my friend attracted all the squirrels to her. It was hilarious watching Mr Food sulk. After a while my friend said she needed to use the toilet. She gave me some peanuts to keep me going. Much to Mr Food's chagrin, I was now the centre of attraction. One squirrel even climbed up the bench, up my arm for a peanut. I asked Mr Food if he wanted some peanuts but he said he had a bagful. I shared some peanuts with passers-by so they could share the joy, while others took photographs. I was having such a ball.

When I'd run out peanuts I felt it was time to leave. On my way I saw my friend approaching. She asked me if she could buy me some coffee at the local kiosk but the kiosk was closed. We tried the park restaurant but it was also closed. We took a walk instead and chatted about how fun it was to be with the squirrels. We also talked about our mutual love for cats.

Later on the bus home I thought about how the squirrels give so much joy simply for being who they are. Similarly, most people love babies, human and animal, for who they are. The moment you grow up people stop seeing you as adorable; or rather, you stop seeing yourself as adorable, unless you are a cat. I'm reminded of a quote I read on a blog recently:

"The cat does not offer services. The cat offers itself. Of course he wants care and shelter. You don't buy love for nothing." - - - William S. Burroughs Cats Me If You Can
I am adorable, just like a cat or squirrel.

While I was waiting for another bus a man walked by. I smiled at him. He said he was Polish and spoke very little English. He said I was beautiful. He pointed to his heart and mine indicating that he loved me. He asked me if he could buy me some coffee but I declined. I blew him a kiss goodbye.

I told you I was adorable just like a cat.

Yesterday I met someone I knew at a park - I met my adorable self.

Am I cute or what?


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