Friday, August 18, 2006

Being the Life and Soul of the Party

Soul is the essence of a thing, that which gives a thing its life in whatever form it takes.

All life has the one Soul. On another level there are many souls. You are either being the one Soul or being the many souls.

In the human reality, every experience has a soul. For instance, people who identify themselves as a particular race are being the soul of that race. There was a time when I was so at one with the black soul, I could only interpret life through that soul filter. I felt proud when black people had achieved something, or felt ashamed when black people were involved in something that society frowned upon. Now that I have disconnected from the black soul I no longer have those feelings. While I can still relate to people who have had similar experiences, I don't empathise with someone purely because we have the same skin colour.

There is also a soul for men and women. Again, when I was one with the soul of women, I was very interested in feminism and how women were treated in society. I could bond with women based on our shared "oppressions" and our experiences as women including going through periods, childbirth etc, even though I'd never been a mother. When I disconnected from the soul of women, I stopped empathising with someone purely on the basis of her gender.

Within the corporate world each company has got a soul that you identify with to a certain extent, otherwise you wouldn't have joined the company in the first place. When you stop being the company's soul you find you no longer empathise with the company's vision; it's time to look for a new job.

All groups be they political, religious, philosophical, social, spiritual have their souls. When you are one with the soul of that group, you share the group's beliefs as well as interpreting the world through that soul's filter. When you disconnect from that soul, you find you no longer empathise with the group's vision.

In other words, every aspect of society has a soul. There is even a human soul. It is the human soul that makes us feel compassion for other humans even if you don't know them. Then again, it is the same human soul that makes people get involved in conflicts.

For me, life is about disconnecting from all souls and being the one true Soul that is the essence of all life no matter what forms they take.

Being the Soul is living from within as a feeling that cannot be put into words, nor can it be taught. Soul is simply being; being true to myself.

As I was standing in front of some flowers and admiring their beauty, I could feel myself in them and them in me. I knew that it was "I" the Soul sustaining them. When I sit in silence I am being and feeling the Soul in all.

When you're being the one Soul you start noticing life is mirroring your essence. You find you are the life and soul of the party.

I am Love-Light.
I am Soul.


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