Thursday, August 17, 2006

Come On Guys, Show Us Your True Colours!

In London, it's now become very fashionable for guys to carry handbags. Gone are the heavy duty brief cases; at least they are few and far between. While I was in the City of London, the business capital of London, I noticed a lot of men were either carrying rucksacks or handbags.

I stopped a man with a handbag and asked him if he'd noticed men were no longer carrying suitcases, I mean brief cases. He smiled and said he had.

When I came across one of a few guys (the third I'd spotted in that area) with a brief case, I stopped him to have a chat.

"It's very strange to see you with a briefcase. Do you realise you're the third man I've seen this morning with one. Most guys are either carrying rucksacks or handbags."

"Really?" he said.

"Yes, really. It seems to be a new trend in London."

"I've got a handbag in my briefcase actually," he said.

I rest my case.

So good on you guys. It's about time you had handbags. Us girls have been carrying handbags for years.

Another growing trend is men in pink shirts. Formerly "real" men wouldn't be caught dead in a pink shirt. What's the big deal anyway? So what if a shirt is green, blue or pink? The colour of a shirt doesn't make you more or less than you are. I've been wearing blue tops for years and I still haven't grown a willy.

A few year's back I had this thought that I'd never seen a pink car. I soon started noticing fuchsia taxis, which was very unusual at the time as most taxis are black. In the last two or three years, I've noticed three pink cars. See, it's not such a big deal driving a pink car. Pink is actually a lovely colour.

I would love to see guys driving pink cars and carrying pink handbags. Come on guys, show us your true colours!

Whatever you're doing, be yourself.


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