Tuesday, August 29, 2006


"Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, 'Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.' And God granted his request." (1 Chronicles 4: 10)
The other day I got chatting to a man in the street. He saw that I was yawning and asked me if I had been working. I said I’d just come from a walk. He said I was too young to experience fatigue. I told him I was a lot older than he was thinking I was. He couldn’t believe my age. He wanted to know what I did to make me look so young. Was it the food I ate or my lifestyle? I said I was mindful of my thoughts. When he persisted I told him I believed in God and it is God who quickens my body. I said I was totally dependent on God.

As humans we are reared to be independent. You’re meant to leave home as quickly as possible and make a life for yourself. (Even animals do the same; mothers teach their young how to be independent). People who are regarded as successful are ones who have worked very hard to achieve financial independence. Self-made people are treated with the utmost respect.

Did the self-made man you admire so much become successful all on his own? Of course not. He had help from his family, friends and associates. Even the energy that quickens his body and his vision had to come from somewhere.

I believe there is only the One Self expressing as the many. Whether you refer to the One as Universal Energy, God, Love, Spirit or Life, there is only the One Source. This means that no matter what you do you’re always dependent on Source. When you believe you’re doing it all by yourself you're deluding yourself.

Why do we keep the illusion of independence going? Well, there is the fear of annihilation for one thing. If there is only the one Self then you haven’t got your own self. Without a self who are you really?

To admit that it is the Self doing the work means you can never take any credit for your achievements. You therefore have to hold fast to the idea that you have a self; that everything you achieved you did independently as that self. And you'll do all you can to maintain your "independence."

That which keeps the illusion going is the ego. Where there is only the one Self, there is no ego. Thus, the ego distracts you from seeing the truth that we are all dependent on the one Universal Energy. The ego gives you a distorted version of reality where you see reality in parts. Your fear makes you crave for independence; and you feed the ego with the illusion of independence. While the ego is getting stronger, you are growing weaker until you die from your ignorance; only to find yourself in another illusion where you end up feeding the ego with more of your delusions.

The truth is fear of annihilation is unwarranted. I can never lose my individuality as Enocia. I am simply gaining a Universal Self being expressed from my perspective. As the Universal Self, I am dependent and independent; I am Source and dependent on Source.

I am totally dependent on God. It is God that quickens my body. I cannot walk without God. I cannot do anything without God. I cannot exist without God.

If this makes me weak and pathetic in your eyes, then so be it.


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