Tuesday, August 15, 2006


A while back, a friend of a friend, whom I've never met before, emailed me that she wanted to meet up. I said I'll let her know. While I was thinking about emailing her to find out why she wanted to meet up, a man walking beside me suggested I cheer up. I said I was deep in thought. He asked me if I came to the area often as he'd seen me before. I pointed to the library I was going to. He decided to accompany me. He asked me where I lived and I told him. He happened to know my neighbourhood very well, as did I his neighbourhood. He asked me who the lucky guy was, i.e. my boyfriend. I told him I was single but he didn't believe me. He asked if he could call me and arrange to meet up later.

"Why do you want to see me?" I said.
"Because I want to take you out to lunch."

I thanked him but declined his lunch invitation. I knew he was interested in me in a romantic way and I couldn't reciprocate.

Funny how I was thinking about emailing someone about the same topic and my thoughts were manifested right in front of me.

This got me thinking about expectations. Wouldn't it be nice to be with someone just because the other wants to give with no expectations? The problem is in the human experience everything comes at a price.

What do I give you in return?
What do you want in exchange?

Where did we get the concept of giving in exchange for something?

Humans created the system of exchange because they believed there wasn't enough resources to go round, therefore, you had to give what another was lacking in exchange. Now it's about exchanging money.

"Give and you will receive" is a popular belief prevalent within religion and spiritual teachings. You want something from God then you have to serve Him, love Him, worship Him, glorify His name, sing praises to Him in return.

I see God as an impersonal Energy or Intelligence. This Intelligence doesn't care one way or the other whether you are aware of His presence or not because to care is human. Infinite Intelligence is rather like the sun that shines no matter what. The sun will still shine whether you are joyful or sad; you are grateful or ungrateful; you are a saint or sinner. Infinite Intelligence will always be what He is regardless.

Another reason why a concept of exchange could never come from God/Infinite Intelligence is because God lacks nothing. What could One who has everything possibly want in exchange? A God that wants something in exchange is a human idea of God.

What if you realised there was a Source available that could take care of all your needs?. All you need to do is tap into Its inexhaustible riches and It will take any form you have in mind. If you knew you had easy access to everything, wouldn't you simply give with no expectations?

Let's put it another way. If you knew you could heal yourself as and when the need arises would you worry about taking out a medical insurance?

As long as we're still dreaming that there isn't enough resources on earth, we're going to have to play the game of exchange. Give and you will receive what you expect to receive is part of the dream; and what you believe is what you will experience. This is why I need to know what the rules or expectations are before deciding whether I’m willing to play that game.

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