Thursday, August 24, 2006

It's My Birthday!

What does it really mean to have a birthday? Am I supposed to grow older every day and then die?

I once met this guy who said he wasn't sure what month he was born. All he was told was that there had been a war in the village at the time so his age is a rough estimate, give or take a few months. Another woman I met said in South Korea, where she was from, they add a year to your age to take into account the period a baby spends in his mother's womb. The Korean girl has two different ages: one for the West and another for the East.

I heard my mother speaking to my brother about me yesterday. She told him I always look the same. She said I am one of those people who will never get old. There is a secret to eternal youth and it's not because of any creams, gadgets, or willpower.

The one "I" or Light that we all are, has taken great care chanelling this form I call Enocia. The Light chose my parents, my family, London as my birth place, my gender, race...and the many permutations involved. Why?

From what I can remember from basic physics, when light passes through a prism it refracts into the different colours. Similarly, the family I was born into as well as various experiences I've had are Light being refracted. Refraction gives the Light a kind of resonance that is not only uniquely me but is the appropriate tool or instrument the Light needs to work through.

The way I see it, the Light has clothed Itself as the many forms while still remaining untouched by the forms. Let's say you've been wearing a particular top for years and it's now falling to bits. You wouldn't see yourself as worn out just because your top looks that way. Even if you did, you could easily reverse the process by knowing that you are the Light.

The Light was never born.
The Light can never die.
The Light is incorruptible.
The Light is unchanging.
The Light is boundless.
The Light is eternal.

The Light passing through as each day is always the same. Today is neither older nor younger than the day before or thousands of years ago. Only when one identifies one's self with the refraction does one regard the day as older. And as a day grows older, so do you.

So yes, today is the moment the Light refracted as this form, which I am acknowledging just for fun. In truth, I have no real birth date as I, the Love-Light, was never born.


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