Thursday, August 17, 2006

It's Out of My Hands

All is Love.

On my bus home I had a feeling that if I went to a particular bookshop in town I was going to see someone I knew. I was also bursting to have a wee. I decided to catch a bus home instead. When we arrived at the stop where I could change I felt a force holding me back in my seat. The force felt like the centrifugal force that holds you back when you're on a roller coater ride like Nemesis, but this force is a lot gentler. So I stayed on.

I could also feel a gentle tug around my heart as if a magnet was pulling the bus to its destination. I got off outside the bookshop. The first thing I did was to have a pee. Now that that feeling had been taken care of it was time to test whether my other feeling had been spot on. I walked round to see if there was anyone I knew. There was a man I recognised whom I've seen around and chatted to on a few occasions. I had a feeling it wasn't him so I didn't attract his attention. Just as I was leaving and berating myself for sending me on a wild goose chase, albeit I was able to relieve myself, I felt a force pulling me towards the ladies' toilets. But I've just been. I went with the feeling and saw a dear friend.

It was good to see him again. After we'd exchanged hugs, he told me he was waiting for a friend who was in the ladies' and couldn't stop to chat. I asked him if he'd received my email in which I'd asked him if he wanted to meet up. I presumed he hadn't read it. He said he had read it but he hadn't responded because he wasn't sure when he could meet up. No need to give it any further thought, Love has got us together. He introduced me to his friend and then they left. As I had only come to the bookshop to meet him, I was right behind them.

You could argue why would Love arrange for us to meet up for only a few minutes? What has time got to do with anything? Connecting for a few minutes is merely a symbol of our eternal friendship in love.

The encounter was also a perfect opportunity to test my intuition/feeling as opposed to wishful thinking, which feels to me like a magnet.

In fact, the same friend has talked about the same force. Once when we met unexpectedly, he felt himself being drawn to where I was. I also have another "sensitive" friend who has described the same "pulling" force. A while back I wanted to meet up with him but he couldn't decide when. He ended up being magnetised to where I was and we ended up spending time together. Even now, I feel his thoughts whenever he is thinking about me.

Later in the evening, I watched a documentary on television about how the biggest aeroplane in the world was constructed, and the various tests that they carried out. One test was the toilet system where the sewage tank sucks out whatever is in the toilet at great speed. Holy shit! The Love magnet is a lot like that. Hehe.

It's out of my hands. My intention is to love. I trust in Love to arrange the details.


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