Saturday, August 26, 2006

Love and Let Go

"There are many choices we have based on our beliefs. Every belief is a state of mind that is neither right nor wrong but what makes life more meaningful for you.

Underneath it all is the real You that is devoid of ideas, thoughts, concepts and beliefs, just an emptiness; pure awareness. In awareness there is only isness." There are No Dilemmas, Only Choices
While in the library the other day I stopped to have a chat with a friend who was using the computer.

"The Internet is being very slow," she said.
"Is it? It's working fine for me."
"I can guarantee you that tomorrow the Internet is going to be down," she said. "That is what usually happens when it starts getting slow."
"Oh, stop being so negative!" I walked off.

Although I didn't agree with my friend's perspective, who tends to see the worst case scenario in everything, I felt I had been rather harsh dismissing her like that. Besides, what is "negative" anyway? Only another definition. By the time I went to speak to her she'd already left, so I emailed her and apologised for dismissing her view. I told her she had every right to express her view as she sees it. I also told her this in person the next time I saw her, and we let it go.

The next day the computers were working just fine, just as I had expected.

Based on our beliefs and where we're coming from, we are all always right. I therefore see no point arguing over perspectives or defending my truth. I find it's best to agree to disagree.

I agree to disagree; I love and let go.


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