Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Love Companion

Each of us is always expressing love in our own way. What if your idea of love is not being received the way you'd like it to be received?

Let's say your you meet a friend who is feeling down. You offer what you believe to be sound spiritual counsel to her. Your friend tells you she's feeling uplifted and ready to face the world with this new outlook. The next day you see your friend and she's still looking miserable. What happened to the uplifted woman you saw 24 hours ago? What did she do with your spiritual counsel? Now you're feeling depressed. Well, as they say, "misery loves company."

It could be that you simply want to love someone with no expectations, but the object of your affection is not open to receive your love. He is even suspicious of your love. What are you going to do? You can't force him to accept your love.

What do you do when you have so much to give and no one wants to receive what you have?

You could pray that you attract those who are open to receive what you have to offer. You could even hope to meet a love companion whom you could pour your presence into, like the relationship the great mystic, Rumi had with his teacher Shams. (See Rumi and Shams)

Or you could create an instrument in which you can pour all that you have to offer, a love companion who is open to receive all your love.

My blogs are my love companions; they are bottomless instruments that accept all the love that I am. It doesn't matter if someone reads what I write as long as I get to express myself. I no longer have the frustration of trying to give to someone and having my love rejected.

My writings and my blogs are aspects of self; it is I giving to myself. And I am always open to receive all that I have to give.

I am my own love companion.
I am my own beloved.


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