Monday, August 14, 2006

The Real Source of Energy

Let's call a spade a spade.

The world as we collectively experience it has one god and it is money. As the saying goes, "money makes the world go round."

Look around you and you'll observe that all is made of money. While there are no Pound notes everywhere they are present in another form. Everything that has been created by humans have to be paid for with money.

The streets were constructed out of labour and materials and this had to be paid for. The construction workers didn't exactly give their services for free, did they?

Cars, buses, all forms of transportation cost money to manufacture and to sustain.

The houses we live in have either been bought or are being rented. The land is owned by someone which costs money.

The clothes I have on were also paid out of money; they didn't come for free.

The food I eat is paid for; accommodation has to be paid for; everything costs money.

You could argue that there are recreational facilities that are free such as walks in the park, enjoying the sea view, hiking, etc. I don't think so. If I want to enjoy a nice walk at Richmond Park, for example, I still have to get there by some kind of transportation, and this costs money. Plus, I have to be in perfect health to enjoy my walk otherwise it's pointless.

This leads to one major factor of the human experience - our health and well-being, which is not free. While we have NHS (National Health Service) in the UK, which provides free health care, it is not free. The NHS is funded out of tax payers' money. Some local health authorities are complaining that there are too little resources for too many people. Some areas have long waiting lists for patients to see a consultant or to have operations. If you want to get excellent medical facilities you either have to go private or have a medical insurance.

Basically, the world as we know it is built on money. If you don't have money you can't access the system. If you're dependent on that system and you don't have any money, you're stuffed.

Is there another way round this system? Of course there is.

There's much being written nowadays about lightworkers who are supposed to be on a mission to bring mankind into the light. If you consider yourself to be a lightworker, you have to stop relying on the system and plug into the real source of energy, which is never-ending Light. A true lightworker is sustained by light and light only.

I've noticed lately that my skin gets really blotchy when I've not had any food. By food, I don't mean food as in material food but light. Now, I find I need to constantly drink from the Source. So I imagine liquid light pouring through my crown and going into all parts of my body. The Light sustains, heals, rejuvenates and regenerates. Within a few moments I feel stronger and my skin clears up. That doesn't mean I don't eat food as we know it. I still do because I still love food, but I know that my real food is Light and it's what I rely on.

Not only is Light my food, It is also my never-ending supply. This means all that I need to make life worthwhile. The Light, that is Infinite Love and Intelligence, goes before me and smoothes things out; arranges for me to meet people I need to meet; supplies ideas; and even influences people to support what I do. In other words, the Light does all the work, I just have to remember to plug in.

I am Love-Light.
I am sustained by Light.


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