Saturday, August 19, 2006


In a previous article, I wrote about how frustrating it can be to give and not having anyone willing to receive. I said the way I get round this problem is to create a bottomless instrument such as my blog. This way, I get to experience all the love that I am.

What if someone wants to give to you and you're not open to receive? How do you get round this?

Recently my mother wanted to buy me some sandals. As much as I would have appreciated a new pair, I told her I would rather buy something else with the money she was going to spend. Although she agreed, she didn't seem very happy about my proposal. I had a feeling I should have simply accepted and trusted in the Universe to provide. A few days later my mother presented me with a new pair of sandals as a surprise, and I loved them. She seemed very happy that I was open to receive them.

Yesterday evening I accompanied a friend to the local supermarket where she was doing some grocery shopping. I helped her to carry the basket. She asked me if I wanted some snacks and I wasn't sure. Besides, I didn't feel she had to buy me something just because I was carrying her shopping. I was simply enjoying being with her. She insisted I choose something. I knew it was her way of giving love in her own way so I selected a bag of chocolates, my favourite food, which we gorged on. I even shared some with my mother later.

Last night I had a thought that I was not as open to receive as I thought I was. This morning as I was walking to the library I heard inner voices saying "I love you, Enocia." I was experiencing "Love is all there is" in a tangible form, at least in my head. I asked the Universe to help me receive all the Love there is. I had this vision where I saw what looked like a tunnel that was being blocked by a boulder. I saw the boulder being removed. Then I saw zillions of light particles dancing around me. The Light particles told me they were my "angels" and that I was now free to receive.

Another reason why it's important to be able to receive is because I am helping the giver be the Love that she is.

When I am open to receive love from my mother, I am enabling her to be the Infinite Love that she is.

When I am open to receive excellent services from London Buses, I am enabling London Buses to provide an even better service, and be a better company.

When I am open to receive the best a business has to offer, I am enabling the business to excel.

When I am open to receive perfect health, I am enabling my body to always be in peak condition.

When I am open to receive happiness and fulfilment, I am being my real self that is inexhaustible joy.

Naturally, there's an element of choice as to what I am open to receive. For instance, while I was waiting for my bus, a woman offered me a Christian tract but I declined. She was already doing an excellent job promoting her church to another passenger who was very open. On the bus my seat was in the sun so I swapped for a seat in the shade. I was choosing to receive all the coolness there is.

The bottom line is all is one. What helps one to excel is helping the Universe to excel. This is how we all get to experience more love and light.

I am open to receive all the inexhaustible good the Universe has to offer, at least what I choose to experience.


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