Friday, August 25, 2006

Resistance is Futile - Part 2

In a previous article called Resistance is Futile, I discussed how important it is for me to surrender to the Self.

How do you surrender?

One way to surrender is by giving up personal sense of self for the Infinite Self. There's another way to look at surrender.

In a previous article I wrote:

Universal consciousness is all or nothing.

When you have a universal consciousness you realise that your actions affect not only the human race but all in the universe because all is one. However, when you have a consciousness of being separate you're like the hundred grains of sand demanding to be recognised as a beach. No one is going to recognise you let alone take you seriously. [...]

If you want your actions to matter, then see all as part of you. Otherwise, you're a lone voice crying in the dark, a NOTHING.

All is One. Universal Consciousness
In other words there is only the Infinite Self at work that cannot be divided. Therefore, at every moment I am working with the entire "Collective." Anything else is a nothing, a figment of the imagination, and to be disregarded.

Just as I was going to open Blogger a sign came up that they were having technical difficulties. I thought "Resistance is futile," meaning it wasn't Blogger providing the services but the Universal Consciousness/Collective doing this work. When I tried to log on again Blogger was working perfectly.

"Resistance is futile" is an excellent affirmation to remind myself that Universal Consciousness is the only Power. Nothing else matters.

We are the Universal Consciousness. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.


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