Saturday, August 26, 2006

Surrender to Love and Free Will

A friend on another website raised an interesting question in response to my post, Resistance is Futile.

Hmmmmm what does it mean.... "Surrender to the love..."
This is an odd kind of love to be sure
Indeed, how do you surrender to Love when Love is all there is?

Of course Love occupies all space but when you're panicking about something, Love is the last thing on your mind. What you're effectively doing is you're letting appearances influence your decisions. You are not "seeing" the Love that is present.

A while back I had a dialogue with a friend about an alley I used to walk late at night even though my flatmates had been mugged at that same alley. I said it was because I knew that Love is all there is. Where there is Love there is nothing to fear. To be in fear is to dream up something that is not there, or to let yourself be fooled by appearances.

To surrender to Love is to live with the awareness that there is only Love. Then you can choose to express the infinitude of Love. This choosing is free will.

The "You" or "me" expressing free will is not an indivdual self but the Universal/Infinite Love expressing aspects of Self.

The Infinite Us/Love is expressing free will as this article now.


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