Thursday, August 31, 2006

There is Only One Life

An Internet friend, who runs a forum I've been participating in, posted a notice that she has come to the conclusion that there are two lives: the "pseudo life of the Internet" and "real life." She's choosing "real" life and saying goodbye to her Internet life. She is therefore no longer going to be manager of that forum. I wished her well in her new ventures.

Is it true that the Internet is a "pseudo life?" Are friendships on the Internet false and only relationships with "real" people (whatever that is) real?

Through sharing my writings on the Internet, I've connected with wonderful people on the Internet. While there have been some people who have had expectations of what I should be like, at least we have connected at the only level that matters - love.

Of course I enjoy relationships with people outside of the Internet. It is these relationships I write about, which I share on the Internet. You could say my "real" life feeds the "virtual" life.

Let's cut to the chase. There is no "real" or "virtual" life, there is only one Life. The One Life does not discriminate against time, space or realities, It pervades all realities. In other words, the One is all in all. Only when you see life as compartments is life "virtual" or "real." I am only living the one Life now and this Life takes many forms, even Internet relationships.

Incidentally, while I was writing this piece on the computer in the library, I saw that my time was running out. I asked the librarian to extend it. She told me my time had already been extended by a "virtual" librarian. God must have done it as He exists in all realities.

God is the Internet.


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