Saturday, September 23, 2006

All is Love

All is Love that is without beginning or end.

Love is undivided; Love is wholeness; Love is perfection.

What we are experiencing as life is Love split into infinite pieces. Yet, each piece is Love.

Though you appear as a cat, you are Love.
Though you appear as a dog, you are Love.
Though you appear as a tree, you are Love.
Though you appear as a human, you are Love.

The problem is when the pieces forget who they are.

A piece appearing as a cat is now convinced he is only a cat.
Another piece believes he is only a dog.
Another piece believes he is only a tree.
Another piece believes he's only human.

The other day, I read an article in a London newspaper about the area I live in. The article said people living in my local area come from 104 countries. I wasn't surprised. It is so tempting to see people of different cultures as different from you. We might speak different languages and look different but I know we are Love.

When you judge something as this or the other you forget who you are.

I've noticed news items encourage you to choose sides. So and so is a perpetrator and so and so is a victim. The perpetrator must be judged. The quickest way I find to get out of judgment is to see everyone as love or love everyone. End of story.

As I was pondering on these ideas I felt my head pounding away. Aha, I haven't got a head, I have a love and love doesn't hurt. End of story.

Only love exists.

End of story.


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