Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Being Priceless

You can be a billionaire and still feel like a pauper; or you can have very little money and feel like the richest person that's ever lived. It's all about how you see yourself.

On the bus the other day I noticed two boys squabbling over something. Their father sitting beside me said to one boy "No deals, just give it to him!"

I said to the man, "I love that: no deals, just give."

"It's never straightforward with them," he said chuckling, "they are always trying to make transactions and deals with each other."

I guess the boys are only acting according to the human programme: deals, deals and more deals according to what you're worth.

Speaking of worth, how much am I really worth? That's an easy one...I am Love and Love is priceless. There is not a single human on earth who can afford to pay me what I'm worth. Not only am I priceless, every single one of us is priceless.

Is it possible to convert pricelessness into money? Yes, by making all your actions priceless.


Let's say I go to the shop with my last 50 pence to buy a bar of chocolate. My joy is only going to last as long as I have the chocolate. On the other hand, if I went to spend it with the intention of giving love not only to myself, but the shopkeeper and his family and friends, everyone connected with making the chocolate, my 50 pence has now become priceless.

I could get depressed about not having much money and can't afford to have the life I would like or I could spend £1 at the Internet cafe where I can share an article and link up with the world. Though I have £1 less than I had, I feel a lot richer because of the love I have been able to give. And my £1 has become priceless.

And you know what happens, when I give love to others I am giving it to myself anyway because there is only One. Boy does it come back in wonderful ways!

The other day I bumped into a friend. He said he was feeling down because his life wasn't moving in the direction he wanted to go. I shared my belief that love is the answer to everything.

"You know The Beatles did have it right with the song, All You Need is Love," my friend said.

"Yes they did."

We sang the chorus together "All you need is love, love, love is all you need."

I told my friend I could relate to his circumstances. I said he was so focused on what he was lacking he couldn't see the love that is already present. I suggested for him to change his focus by doing what he loves. Even if he only felt like watching television, he could watch only what he loves. He said he's been watching a lot of The Rockford Files on television. Although I haven't watched it in years I could still remember the theme tune. We had a right laugh singing it.

My friend also sang part of the French national anthem which he likes singing in French.

The next day I went for a walk in a park but I had this splitting headache. I decided to sit by a pond. I could hear music coming from a marquee behind me, where there was some sort of fun fair/circus going on. Instead of focusing on the headache I decided to send love to someone. I thought of my friend. Then I imagined the earth in front of me and channelled love to it. The next thing I knew I heard the tune to the French national anthem and a woman's voice doing the karaoke version of "All You Need is Love." Wow! My friend is returning my love. That was the last performance for the show. (When I shared this experience with my mother later, she told me the French national anthem tune is part of the song "All you need is love." I never knew that).

On my way home I could have taken a bus that would have made my journey a lot faster, but I had a feeling I should take another bus going in the opposite direction. It was in this bus that I heard the man telling his son "no deals, just give." I got the bus into town intending to catch another bus at the end of the route home. On the way we drove by Trafalgar Square where there was some kind of music festival going on. I wondered what it was for but couldn't be bothered getting off the bus to find out. Soon our bus got stuck in a huge traffic jam. The driver decided he wasn't going all the way and terminated the route. I walked back. As I was walking past Trafalgar Square anyway I decided to find out what was going on. It was a Jewish festival called Simcha. I stayed and listened to a few songs, and they were great.

During my bus ride home, a man sat in front of me. At the back of his orange t-shirt were the words: "The Beatles." I tapped him on the shoulder and told him I heard a Beatles song earlier.

As for the headache? My attention was so focused on being love, it received no more energy and it soon withered away.

I am priceless.


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