Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Carrying a Torch for a Flashlight

A friend I see at the library is always teasing me about how focused I am in what I am doing. He's right of course.

When I am focused on a task, I can see light like a laser beam streaming from my ajna chakra, also called the third eye. It's like having a torch (flashlight) on one's forehead. I also feel myself as that beam of light.

I decided to experiment with a torch. I asked my mother if she had a torch I could borrow but she didn't have one. Never mind. I'll experiment in thought.

The next day while I was reading my friend's blog I saw he had posted something about an LED Flashlight. I left a comment. My friend offered to send me a torch in the mail. Wow! I get to experiment for real with my own torch.

Thanks jm. :-)

I love experiments, don't you? I reckon I would have been an excellent scientist if I wasn't so crap at physics, chemistry, biology and maths.

I am Focus.


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