Thursday, September 28, 2006

In Theory

So many people have theories why such and such is such and such. If people can have theories, so can I.

While I was taking a walk in a park I saw a sign that read: "No Entry." Beyond the sign was a lone pigeon sitting in the "no entry" area. How come he gets to break the rules and I can't?

I have seen a pigeon cross over a Pelican crossing. No surprise there then - "birds (pelican) of a feather flock together."
I have seen a pigeon walk up and down stairs.
I have seen pigeons fly, which is a rarity these days, at least for London pigeons.
I have seen pigeons get themselves run over by cars and buses, which is a mystery as they have wings.

But one thing I've never seen a pigeon do is read.

My theory is that pigeon paid no attention to the "no entry" sign because he couldn't read. The same applies to the rest of our feathered friends and animals.

Later while I was at the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain I noticed a woman and her toddler around the fountain. The baby wanted to dive in fully clothed but his mother was saying "no." Visitors are encouraged to sit on the edge and wash their feet but nowhere does it say you can go in fully clothed. The baby obviously couldn't read.

I hereby relinquish my literacy skills.

Let the fun begin!


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