Friday, September 15, 2006

It's Angel Day!

On the bus I noticed these two American women looking at a map. I heard one asking the other if it was time to get off. I asked them where they were heading and they said the British Museum. I told them I'd let them know when to get off. One smiled and said, "You're an angel."

My friends said they were having fun exploring the museums as they don't have the old stuff back home in San Francisco. They'd been to Ireland, Scotland and now spending a few days in London. They talked about how London was very populated and wondered if it was the most populated city in the world.* I said I didn't know. Another woman behind us joined the conversation and she believed it was. She said that the area she lives in has changed recently because many more people have moved in. I asked her where she lived. Angel.

"You called me an 'angel' earlier," I said to my friends. "Here's someone who lives in Angel."

Later when I went home, I told my mother about the women I'd met on the bus. My mother said she'd watched a programme on television about antiques and the shops they focused on were based in Angel.

I'm having an angel day!


* List of Cities by Population

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