Monday, September 04, 2006

It's Autumn! What a Mess!

The trees look so beautiful in autumn, all those leaves changing colours.

It would be so wonderful if the leaves could change colours and stay on the trees. Why do they have to be dumped on the ground and make such a mess?

It's so frustrating to sweep the front of the house only to have more leaves appear. I feel so sorry for road sweepers; it's a thankless job. Then again, if there was nothing to sweep they wouldn't have jobs, would they?

Hmmm! I wonder if the trees are government agents? Do you see where I'm going with this? Trees dump their leaves; road sweepers sweep leaves off the streets and get paid for their services; sweepers pay taxes to the government; and government gives trees backhanders by promising that they can grow back their leaves for spring.

On the other hand, you could argue that the trees don't ask us to sweep the leaves. They're just doing what they're doing.

As for whether the trees are doing what comes naturally or whether they're working as agents for the government, that I cannot tell. One thing I know is that the God I believe in, that which is unchanging, never created seasons. There is only the one light expressing the wonder in infinite colours. If a tree wants to appear in a different light (pun very much intended), it becomes that light. In Reality everything is always in perfect order. There are no leaves being dumped on the roads and therefore no need for road sweepers or governments. Only when you want to experience the changing of the seasons and temperature do you find yourself in a reality such as earth, with a human body, human sensations, and human hard labour.

Please don't let me stop you from enjoying the Fall!


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