Friday, September 08, 2006

Love is My Foundation

"The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?" (Psalm 27: 1)
Each of us has a built-in zoom lens that magnifies whatever our attention is focused on, which is then manifested as our life experiences. It is this faculty that enables us to experience one thing at a time. However, too much focus can appear to distort reality as I wrote in another article:

"For instance, while I was at college my campus was located near a park, or so I thought. I was so focused on college life I had reduced the park to a tiny area and magnified the campus as the whole park. It was only when I left college and started exploring the park that I realised how small the campus was in comparison to the whole park. My focus had distorted reality." The Way of No Way
Though my focus had distorted reality, it was necessary for me to only focus on college at the time; and I enjoyed every moment.

What if you're experiencing something unpleasant? You're so focused on what you're experiencing, you end up magnifying the experience in your imagination. To release the experience you're going to have to zoom out of that experience and focus on something else. But is there any guarantee that what you're now focusing on is going to be more pleasant than the last experience?

The only way to guarantee you're always in joy, peace, love, freedom no matter what is to make it so. What do I mean by "make it so?"

I believe it's important for me to always have a foundation, a core belief or principle, that supports me no matter what I'm experiencing. This foundation is what I refer to as Love or Love-Light.

Love is omnipresent. This means there is no time or place where Love is not present. And where there is only Love, what is there to be afraid of?

Next, I have to bring this principle of Love to life.

I see Life as a circle and this circle is divided into infinite segments like on a pie chart. The whole circle or pie is Love-Light and each segment represents a moment. The paradox of each moment is they are not equal and yet they are. One moment can last for a second, one for a few hours, another for months, and one for a lifetime. At the same time, no matter how long each moment lasts they are Love-Light.

This article I am working on now is a segment that I have magnified with my zoom lens to bring Love into manifestation. In another moment I will walk to the bus stop which will last only a few minutes, considerably shorter than the moment it's taking to write this piece, yet both moments are Love.

Love is my foundation. No matter what I am being, Love-Light is.


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