Monday, September 04, 2006

Love Operating System (LOS)

The other day my friend was talking how much chemicals there are in food and beauty products. She asked me if I would be interested in trying out some new products that claim to be free from chemicals and give my opinion. I declined. I said while I use beauty products, I don't buy into their programmes.

What do I mean by not buying into their programmes?

Well there are many programmes.

Chemicals are programmes.
Additives and preservatives are programmes.
Labels are programmes.
Directions on products are programmes.
Advertisements are programmes.
Beliefs are programmes.
All human identities are programmes.
DNA is a programme.
Emotions and feelings are programmes.
Thoughts are programmes.

We are the sum-total of many programmes running simultaneously at a subconscious level. Many of these programmes are conflicting programmes. Take how many conflicting beliefs there are about foods. One minute something is supposed to be good for you then it isn't. Every so often there is a new food fad or beauty product that's all the rage and the sheep mentality rushes to the shops only to agree to disagree.

Surely, you're still part of the system otherwise you wouldn't still be using beauty products and makeup.

Yes, I agree. I do still use beauty products such as toothpaste, hair gel, shampoo and conditioner, skin conditioner and makeup. I even use household products.

Surely these products have been programmed too?

Yes they have. And I know I can't get away from these programmes. What I can do is overwrite these programmes.


Let's say you want to update the software you have on your computer with a brand new version without changing the hardware. You could either delete the old software and replace it with the new one or you could simply download the updated software which will overwrite the old.

Similarly, instead of fighting with conflicting programmes why not download the Love Programme that will overwrite all other programmes with Love. Now everything you are experiencing is a Love Operating System or LOS.

How does one download the Love Programme?

For me, the Love Programme is knowing that I have access to infinite Light which I have to tap into on an ongoing basis. In my mind's eye, I see Light coming down like rain. In other words, I'm always updating my hardware with new software.

So my friend is right - foods do have lots of chemicals. Nutritionists are right - there are too many additives and preservatives in foods. I have no argument with anyone; everyone has a point.

I am not concerned about the many programmes but the only one programme - Love.

I am a programme working under the LOS - Love Operating System.


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