Saturday, September 02, 2006

Love Takes All Forms

I went to church last night. Actually, it was more for my mother's benefit. She was invited to a prayer vigil organised by a particular evangelist church, and I thought I would keep her company.

They were praying and singing non-stop for about 4 hours and the service finished at around 4 am this morning. I mostly sat and meditated with my eyes closed. During the pastor's sermon, she made a comment about some people who come to pray but their "weak" flesh makes them fall asleep. Little did she know I was fully alert. I prefer to pray in silence, not scream and shout about it.

It's curious that they prayed against Islam, which they see as anti-Christ. Hmmm!

Another thing I found interesting was their approach to Christianity. While they worship Jesus as their God, the pastor's teaching had nothing to do with Jesus' teaching "resist not evil" but to defend and attack. She spoke a lot about demonic attacks and for people to protect themselves with the Fire of the Holy Spirit. Then, horror or horrors, the pastor called me and my mother to the front and asked the congregation to pray for us. I figured I might as well go along with it as I knew I am always in Love's presence anyway. One man made a great show of removing something from my head, as if he thought I was possessed or something. Maybe I needed to be exorcised from the demon that makes you fall asleep when you are supposed to be praying.

The good news is we got a lift from a visiting pastor who just happened to live about a mile from us. I love it when a plan comes together.

I told my mother that as interesting as the visit was, I have no intention of repeating that experience. She wasn't that surprised. I have a feeling it's not my mother's scene either as she is a Methodist and they don't do vigils.

Love takes all forms.


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