Friday, September 15, 2006

Loving the News

There's a new free newspaper for Londoners. I've found it quite amusing watching the poor "vendors" desperately trying to get rid of their newspapers while commuters are desperately trying to avoid them.

Perhaps, people have had enough of the rubbish that passes off as news and they'd rather not have another one, even if it's free.

Besides, people have the right to go about their business without having freebie newspapers shoved at them.

There are many others, myself included, who are grateful for free newspapers. There's always one lying on a bus seat for me to read.

This particular newspaper is full of gossip columns about what celebrities are getting up to, what politicians are doing or not doing, and the usual doom and gloom. There are also fun news like what's on television.

Yesterday, as I was reading the newspaper I saw myself as Light radiating love everywhere. Each letter, each space between each word, each sentence, and all the pictures were being bathed in light. I felt love going to the people in the news, the writers and readers everywhere. Then I abandoned the newspaper and was in pure bliss.

Read all about it! Reading the news is an opportunity to be love!


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