Saturday, September 02, 2006

Music to My Ears

A few years ago I went through a phase when I was constantly receiving songs in my head and even in my dreams. I would receive lyrics that fitted the song perfectly. I found these songs very uplifting, which I needed at the time. The only snag was, as I couldn't write music nor was I motivated to learn, I ended up forgetting the songs; not that they were ever complicated. Here's one I wrote, at least here are the lyrics: God Is. It's a pity you can't sing along with me.

Everything exists as pure energy which one can experience directly. However, in order to enjoy an experience in a human way, you need to have the equivalent human faculty. While I can channel music from Source, it seems I'm not able to share it with others as I'm not equipped with the necessary skills.

How many wonders are seeking expression but I'm too pig-headed to train the instrument? I could be writing successful musicals like Andrew Lloyd Webber if only I could be bothered to learn music. I could be a Nobel scientist if only I could train myself to think scientifically. Why, oh, why can't I stop being so self-willed?

Actually, there's no need for me to train the instrument to share the treasures of the Universe. Just as I can pick up music and enjoy it for what it is, so can everyone. There's nothing stopping one who is receptive to music to express it in a human form and share with like-minds.

I believe the Music of the Spheres, the Soul, have infinite ways of expressing self: music is one such channel, as is writing. Aha! Writing is one way I express and share Music!

I love Music, don't you?


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