Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Mailing Lists

The wonderful thing about having an email account is with one click of a button, one can bring so much joy to so many.

I have another email account that is operated by thought where I am simply sending love by thinking "I love you." Sometimes I imagine pure white light being sent. I am not concerned about how Love works I just trust in Love.

On my thought email I have two mailing lists: the impersonal and the personal, which are sub-divided into impersonal mailing lists A and B; and personal mailing lists 1 and 2.

Impersonal mailing list A

Every day I send out a thought of love to all life forms in the entire universe.

Impersonal mailing list B

Impersonal mailing list B is one I use whenever I am interacting with people or objects such as on a bus, at meetings, in shops, on the streets, when I'm reading newspapers or books, watching television, using the computer, chatting on the Internet, walking in the park etc.

On a bus I was sitting behind a couple whose baby wouldn't stop bawling. His father dandled him and did all he could to placate the baby but he kept crying. Although I wasn't being disturbed I thought I'd sent the baby love anyway.

When a window seat became available I swapped seats. I could still hear the baby crying. I sent love to everyone on the bus then I stared out of the window. When I was getting off the bus I noticed the baby was now fast asleep.

Personal mailing list 1

Whenever someone I know comes to mind I send love in thought. If I know someone wanting prayer, I send love. I also send love to friends and family.

Personal mailing list 2

I see myself as a commander in chief of a great army that comprises trillions of soldiers. The soldiers are the cells in my body which follow whatever thoughts or belief I am holding at the time. It is therefore my responsibility to give my soldiers the right command. I am constantly sending my soldiers thoughts of love.

Here's one email that's great to send to everyone on all my mailing lists:

"Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." (3 John 1: 2)
I love you.


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