Thursday, September 07, 2006


There are two types of networking.

You could meet up at a venue where you hope to be introduced to like-minds. Sometimes you connect with people who share your interests and other times it seems like a lot of effort.

You could magnetise those who resonate with you effortlessly.

On my way to the local shops this morning I looked out for a man in the neighbourhood who usually says hello, but I couldn't see him. I also thought about another lady who lives round the corner. On my way back from the shops I bumped into her. She tells me I always uplift her so I make it a point to stop and say hello whenever I see her. I wished her a lovely day.

When I got home I chatted with my mother for a few minutes. I'm not that into fruits but for some reason I fancied a banana this morning. Then I walked to the bus station. Just as I arrived, I saw my bus leaving closely followed by another. Funny how I missed two buses in a row! Oh well, I'll just have to wait, won't I?

Another bus arrived but not the one I wanted. In the bus was the man I had looked out for earlier. He smiled and waved at me and I waved back. So that's why I was dithering at home and missed two buses just so I could see my friend. Isn't Love clever?

The other day just as I was getting on a bus I thought of something a friend had said earlier. Someone behind me called my name. It was the same friend. I told her I'd been thinking about her. My friend soon realised she had got on the wrong bus and got off at the next stop. Amazing how the power of Love had magnetised her to my bus.

I also find people who resonate with my experiences always find their way to my blogs, so I don't need to go looking for anyone.

I love networking the effortless way.


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