Monday, September 11, 2006

Rapport and Roman Numerals

There isn't a single person I don't have rapport with.

There was a time when I didn't know what I was meant to be doing. I did lots of different jobs in different industries. I was even offered employment as an administrator of a funeral directors, but I turned it down because I thought it was a dead-end job. So I've worked with all sorts of people. Every time I meet someone there's always something or many things we have in common.

What has Roman Numerals got to do with rapport?

At school I couldn't see the point in learning Roman Numerals. I thought the numbers we had were quite sufficient. What use is Roman Numerals to modern day living? The only time they come in useful is when you want to know what year a television programme was made: the year the programme was produced is usually written in Roman Numerals. Apart from that, who gives a toss?

Yesterday I discovered Roman Numerals can come in very handy when you want to be in rapport with someone. After my mother and I had finished watching something on television she made a comment about the year 2006 which is MMVI in Roman Numerals. She seemed to find them fascinating. Together we came up with the Roman Numerals for the year 2,888 which I knew would have many digits:

Wow, 14 digits long!

The Roman Numerals for the year 3,888 is:

Drumroll please....

15 digits! Can't wait!

There I was thinking there was no point learning Roman Numerals and there was a reason all along - to help me bond with my mother.

I wonder how many Roman Numerals enthusiasts are going to read this article and get in contact with me? Hmmm! What's the Roman Numeral for zero, I wonder?

Like I said, there's not a single person I don't have rapport with even if it's over Roman Numerals.

Rapport is love.

I believe the One Love clothes HIMSELF in infinite forms so He can be in rapport with the many.


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