Friday, September 01, 2006

Switch it Off!

It's interesting how technology has blurred the private and public sphere. What used to be considered private (or appeared to be) such as telephone conversations have now become public in the use of mobile phones. As we are all very adaptable, we've learned how to switch off from mobile phone conversations in the public and escape to our private worlds. There are the odd occasions when we're drawn out of our worlds to have fun as happened yesterday evening on my bus ride home.

A passenger came on and was speaking to the bus driver. The driver didn't realise his microphone was on and that their conversation was being heard by everyone on the bus. A few of us found this rather amusing. The passenger had lost his wallet and was asking if it had been handed in. At one point the driver asked for his telephone number. I said to my fellow passengers: "Get out your pens everyone." Someone finally told the bus driver their private conversation was very much public.

I believe mobile phones are very useful tools in terms of helping people to connect. If like me you don't fancy listening to people's conversation, it's a perfect opportunity to cultivate inner peace.

It's all good, except when you're a bus driver with your mike on.

Switch if off, mate!


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