Tuesday, September 19, 2006

That's Entertainment!

Though it was quicker for me to walk to the local bus station to catch my bus home, I couldn't be bothered to walk so I hopped on a bus that was already at the bus stop. The driver was trying to persuade a man to get off his bus. He told the angry looking passenger he was causing a scene and if he didn't get off he was going to call the police. I sat at the back and sent love to the driver and the passenger.

Their confrontation took on a whole new meaning. It was like I was watching some comedy on television.

"Get off my bus!"
"Look at your face," the passenger said, "you look like a sausage."

A sausage? Is that the best insult he could come up with? I chuckled to myself. The passenger staggered off and we were on our way.

Loving all does not always mean you're going to change someone's behaviour but you get good entertainment.


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