Wednesday, September 06, 2006

We are All Children of Light

There is only Light. We are all children of Light.

Acknowledging and affirming that we are children of Light is not enough, however. We have to live as Light.

Every day we have daylight. At night we turn our electricity on for light. Even those who haven't got electricity use some form of light.

Similarly, we all have access to an infinite source of Light that we are meant to tap into. This Light is not only our source of love, peace, joy, wisdom, power, wholeness and goodness but can manifest as any human reality. But we have to remember to plug into this Light.

When we don't "switch" the Light on we become children of darkness who have forgotten who they are. We are living in fear, desperately trying to make things happen, looking for love, and trying to control our environment. The good news is the moment you turn to the Light, you revert to your true nature as a child of Light.

Here's one example when I forgot to "switch the Light" on.

Yesterday I gorged on some chocolates. After I'd finished I noticed my skin had flared up. Whether it was the chemicals or whatever I couldn't tell nor was I bothered. All I knew was that I needed to have Light to rejuvenate my skin. So I called on the Light to express through me as radiant skin. After a while my skin cleared up.

This means that calling on Light is an ongoing process. Every time I need to have an experience I have to call it down as Light first. It's a matter of getting into the habit of remembering that as a child of Light I am sustained only by Light and I experience only Light, no matter what forms the Light appears.

We are all children of Light who are meant to live as Light forever more. Or we can become children of darkness where fear, decay and death are our constant companions.

I am a child of Light.


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