Friday, October 13, 2006

The Answer is Always One

Last night I had a dream where people were asking me various questions. Each time I was asked a question I looked in a book for the answer; and the answer was always the same: One.

There is only One Life, One Love, One Creative Intelligence, One Power and One Intention.

This means that there is only One Source that we are all drawing from to live, think, move and have our being. All our good intentions is from the One that wants all to be happy.

I’ve read many experiences of near-death where people meet a Light entity that is full of love. This entity is perceived as God, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna or whatever deity the individual believes in. Others perceive a clear Light that is millions of times brighter than the sun and full of love. You don’t have to have a near death to encounter the Light, I’ve seen and merged with the Light during meditation.

How can I describe this Light?

Well, imagine being loved by your parents, friends, boyfriend, lover and multiply that love by a zillion and it won't come close. The Light is the sum total of all good feelings of love, peace, joy, happiness, pleasure, laughter and you just want to stay in that feeling forever and ever and ever.

I have experienced this feeling as intense Light where I am merged in with the Light and I am the Light. Others may experience the Light as different colours or sounds.

This Light is the One and my real Self.

How do we apply the truth of the One to our lives?

By remembering that there is only ONE. Only One Exists.

Just before I started working on this piece the network slowed down to a halt. It was time to acknowledge the truth of the One.

There is only One Power in the Universe and the same Power is working as the Internet Now.

I left it alone and typed the piece on Word. Soon the network was up and running.

The answer to every single problem we've ever dreamed up is One.

Only One exists.

End of story.


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