Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Everything You Want, Wants You

"So be yourself and enjoy Life in your own Divine way. Do not fear to be your true self, for everything you want, wants you." (Your Invisible Power, Genevieve Behrend, p. 48)
Whenever I have an idea to have an experience, that experience already exists. The reason why I have had the idea is because the idea is seeking expression in the first place. Therefore, instead of trying to figure out how the idea is going to be expressed, all I need to do is trust in the idea to express through me in Its own way.

Years ago I had an idea that I'd never seen any pink cars. After that I started noticing fuchsia taxis. Soon I started seeing pink cars. There were not many of them, mind you. Now I see at least one pink car a week. In the last three days I've seen two pink cars.

Yesterday on the bus I picked up a freebie newspaper. With all the free newspapers they are dishing out these days, I've been wondering why people bother buying the evening newspapers. Anyway, this newspaper said its sister newspaper, which is not free, was offering free cinema tickets to every reader. I guess it was an incentive to buy their newspapers.

Later in the evening while I was sitting in a bookshop in town, a man sat beside me. I noticed he was reading the evening newspaper, the one you pay for. I also noticed a strong smell of fish around him as if he'd been eating tuna or something. After he'd finished reading it he started reading his book. I asked if I could borrow his newspaper and he let me. I flicked through it. I noticed a headline that read "Guardian rules OK!" that was almost a mirror image to an article I wrote recently called God Rules, OK!, but I didn’t read what it was about. I then noticed the free cinema voucher for next Monday. After I'd finished browsing I handed the newspaper back to my friend. He asked if I'd found it interesting and I said not particularly. When he'd finished reading his book he said goodbye. I noticed he'd left his newspaper so I called him back but he said he didn't want it. So I cut the voucher out of the newspaper.

Hmmm! Something smells very fishy here! I wonder if the Universe was trying to bless me with a cinema ticket? I haven't been to the cinema in ages.

Why, you sneaky so and so!


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