Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I was waiting for an email to come through but it didn't appear in my Inbox. I had a thought to look in the Bulk and sure enough it was sitting there. I then marked the email as "Not Spam" in order for future emails from that sender to be received in my Inbox.

It got me thinking about prayers. If you think God is not answering your prayers, it could be you're filtering out the answers. It is possible your beliefs and thoughts are preventing you from seeing the answers already present.

You may have a fixed view of how things should be and are not open for God's infinite abundance to flow through limitless channels.

It could be you see yourself as totally independent and self-sufficient. How can you allow further assistance when you're perfectly capable of looking after yourself?

One day when you are finally ready to let go of your filters, you will then realise all good is already present and waiting to be received into your Inbox, albeit through different channels.

Let go of your filters and let God.


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