Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Games People Play

There is so much for us to complain about.

There is the cost of living for one, which is way higher than many of us can afford.

The minority, the rich, are getting richer; why can't they share what they have?

And the government is trying to squeeze people mercilessly for more tax.

The media is constantly feeding people with lies and more lies.

The police are corrupt.

Because of all those additives and preservatives, we have no idea what is good to eat.

The NHS (National Health Service) has gone to the dogs.

We are depleting the earth's natural resources, which is leading to global warming. At the rate we're going, the British Isles will soon be under water.

And people look so miserable, don't they? Maybe, it's all the negative thoughts in the ethers.

Moan, moan, moan.

Consider the following:

Do not say:
"God gave us this delusion."
You dream you are the doer,
You dream that action is done,
You dream that action bears fruit.
It is your ignorance,
It is the world's delusion
That gives you these dreams.

The Lord is everywhere
And always perfect:
What does He care for man's sin
Or the righteousness of man?

The Atman is the light:
The light is covered by darkness:
This darkness is delusion:
This is why we dream.

When the light of the Atman
Drives out our darkness
That light shines forth from us,
A sun in splendour,
The revealed Brahman. The Song of God Bhagavad Gita
The Bhagavad Gita is speaking about our true nature, Brahman. Brahman is perfection; and nothing can be added to or taken away from perfection.

The Lord is infinite energy, why would He care about what goes in food?

The Lord is abundance, why would He care about how much things cost?

The Lord is infinite love, why would He care about whether one is being good or bad, negative or positive?

The Lord is truth, why would He care what the newspapers have to say?

The Lord is infinite power, how can He ever be depleted of energy?

Here's another reminder:

The Lord is everywhere
And always perfect:
What does He care for man's sin
Or the righteousness of man?

So instead of moaning about the state of the world, which is only a dream anyway, I focus on what I believe to be my true identity. Then I see everything we moan about for what it is - a virtual reality game that has no power; a game I can choose to participate in or not.

I am Brahman.


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