Friday, October 20, 2006

God Rules, OK!

Yesterday I felt like going into town on a bus ride. I had an idea to get the bus going to Oxford Circus. I figured if the bus to Lewisham arrived first, I would take it and change to another route. The first bus to arrive was for Oxford Circus so I got on.

A man sat in front of me and smiled. I thought he had a lovely smile. He handed me some flyers. They were about a man called Lowell 'Spirit' Grant. Spirit runs a shop that sells fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and Caribbean foods. Since 2001, Spirit has been in various disputes over his shop. First, it was the local council who gave him 28 days to come up with £100,000 or the shop would be sold off at auction. While Spirit managed to raise 10% of the amount, the shop was sold off to an "offshore developers" for £15,000 less than he [Spirit] had already pledged to pay." Spirit's new landlords who are also "big offshore developer" have put his rent up to a level he can't afford to pay. He's currently in a legal battle with them about his arrears. To help raise money for his rent arrears Spirit is organising a Benefit Party.

After I'd finished reading the flyers I said to my friend on the bus that maybe Spirit should turn to Spirit/God for help. I told my friend about when I had a pain in one knee and I saw many therapists to sort it out until I depleted all my resources. When I finally turned to God for help God showed me a vision of myself running, and it happened. I promised to email Spirit the next day.

My friend said he lives in Lewisham but was going home a different way. I told him I was going to get the bus to Lewisham. My friend said he helps Spirit out in his shop. I asked him if they went to the Notting Hill Carnival last August. He said they always attend and it is their busiest time of the year. He told me about all the food they prepared and how their clients love Spirit's fish. At the last carnival they were the last to leave.

The "battle" Spirit is going through to maintain his livelihood represents the battle we all go through to live the way we believe we should live. Whose life is it anyway?

A while back I met an old friend I knew from college. (I wrote about her in the article, In the Presence of Love). While we were chatting about college friends we both knew she said, "What happened to the girl you used to hang out with, the one with the baby? You too were really close."

"You mean C?"

"Yes, her. She planned to go to America after college. Did she go to America?"

"Yes, but she's dead."

I didn't mean to blurt it out like that but as she was getting off at the next stop there was no other way to put it. My friend looked stunned as she got off the bus.

I'd always admired C. She was one of those students who was very well organised. I marvelled at how she could write excellent essays way ahead of the deadline, and still run an impeccable home, which she shared with her American boyfriend and their two year old son. I was single and had no responsibilities but my essays were always written at the last minute. You only saw me in the library when there was a deadline, then I would stay in the library from dawn till we got chucked out late at night. I wrote my 10,000 words dissertation in 2 days. I was so stressed that the night before the deadline I had diarrhoea. Still, I managed to hand my essay in five minutes before the deadline; and I got an A for it, so it can't be bad.

C had a plan for her life - she intended to get her degree, do her Masters and then emigrate to America, which was going to be relatively easy as her boyfriend was American. We lost touch after college but I heard she got her Masters. Then it was her boyfriend's turn to get his degree. In the meantime, they had two more kids. When her boyfriend had got his degree, they got married and went to live in America. I didn't hear about her for quite some time until another college friend called me to tell me the news. Apparently, C and her husband were driving home one night when they got involved in an accident. Both were killed instantly. I was devastated when I heard the news. What's the point of all that planning only to get yourself killed? What's it all about?

The problem with making plans on your own is you're doing so under your own personal will that may or may not be in harmony with another's will; and anything can happen. You could be walking down the street and someone could harm you for no reason, though one could argue that you attracted the experience because of your thoughts, beliefs or karma.

Well, instead of being under the will of man, which is quite chaotic, I would rather take my chances in God where I know there is only Love. As Dorothy Rieke puts it:
"There cannot be both God and hatred, fear, criticism, resentment, rebellion, worry, or sin of any kind. There is just God. There cannot be both God and even a belief in error, because this law rebukes even a claim or a belief contrary to God's allness. There is no claim or belief, no dream, no illusion. There is just God. How does the law of God's allness rebuke even a claim or a belief of another law? It is because unfathomable, infinite, eternal, divine Mind is All, and there is no other mind, no mortal mind, to entertain even a claim or a belief of something opposed to God. There is just God, divine Mind. How wonderful it is that no matter what the error, we understand it to be completely nonexistent, utterly impossible, because of the ever-presence of the allness of God. So, when we say, "I'm not concerned about anything," we actually mean that because of the allness of God, there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about." Wonderful Things are Happening
God is the only law. God is in charge of my affairs. God is in all time. God Rules, OK!

Why fight when I can trust in God?


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