Friday, October 06, 2006

In Oneness, All Power is Yours

"The Holy Spirit teaches one lesson, and applies it to all individuals in all situations. Being conflict-free, he maximizes all efforts and all results. By teaching the power of the Kingdom of God himself, he teaches you that all power is yours. Its application does not matter. It is always maximal. Your vigilance does not establish it as yours, but it does enable you to use it always and in all ways." A Course in Miracles

"And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth." (Matthew 28: 18)

When I got off my first bus yesterday evening, I saw my next bus was already at the bus stop. By the time I got off my bus it was too late to catch it. For crying out loud, Mr/Mrs Universe, you knew I wanted that bus! Why didn't you synchronise our times perfectly? Now I have to wait in the cold. Unless of course there is something You want to show me.

I immediately had the thought of oneness. There is only one. Every moment is one. You always have all you need in the One. "All Power is Yours." To have all power I have to see every moment, every action as being expressed by the One. This means that I am never doing anything on my own. I'm not making this bus journey on my own but as the One in all. My next bus was right behind.

I was reminded of a woman and her son I saw a few nights back on the bus. It looked as if she'd just come from shopping as she had many plastic carrier bags with her. Her son attracted my attention because he was trying to grab hold of a hanging bus strap but he was too short to reach it. He kept jumping but he couldn't reach. His mother told him to sit down and stop being a nuisance. Another woman got on with a buggy (pushchair). As the lady's bags were in the space designated for buggies, she had to move them. She asked her son to assist but he wanted a banana instead. The lady managed to move some of her shopping out of the way for the buggy. The lady asked her son to help her carry some of the bags, as they were getting off at the next stop, but the boy had other ideas.

"Will you please stop being so selfish and help mummy carry these bags?"

The boy was more interested in helping his tummy to a banana. Two women getting off at the same stop offered to help the lady with her bags. When they got off the bus I heard one passenger asking the lady which direction she was headed so she could help her carry her bags.

What I witnessed on that journey was how the One Self is always ready to help us in all we do if only we'd let Him. Maybe the woman's son knew this all along.

This morning mum asked me to do the grocery. I thought it was a bit short notice. Why didn't she ask me last night so I could have prepared myself? It's drizzly outside and hardly the right weather to carry heavy bags of shopping. After giving it some serious thought, though I kept them to myself, I agreed to do the shopping. She must have picked up on my thoughts because she said I could do it tomorrow but I insisted I'd better do it now. Besides, with the Universe doing the shopping, I expected it to be effortless.

When I came out it had stopped raining. I got to the supermarket in no time. I picked up everything quite easily and was soon ready to set off with my bags. When I came outside it was pelting it down with rain. Although I was wearing a hooded jacket I didn't fancy walking in the rain. So I went back in the supermarket and browsed a magazine about soaps on television. After I'd had enough I came out and it had stopped raining. My bus arrived and it took me to the next bus station. The moment I arrived it was pelting it down again, but my next bus was right behind. It stopped raining when the bus arrived at my final stop. And the bags felt as light as a feather.

When I arrived home mum said she'd been thinking about me and hoping I wasn't caught in the rain. How can I when the Universe is doing the shopping? Unless of course I don't mind walking in the rain, which I most certainly do.

A few weeks ago, I went to Open House London, when Buildings usually closed to the public are open one weekend of the year so people can explore their architecture. I opted for a guide to Christopher Wren buildings. After the Great Fire of London in 1666, Wren was commissioned to rebuild many churches in London. The latest version of St Paul's Cathedral is his famous work. During the walk I started feeling aches and pains around my back. The moment I reminded myself that I wasn't taking the walk on my own but as Infinite Self, I felt lighter and free of pain.

When I go on my long walks I'm never tired because I know I am walking as Infinite Self which gives me unlimited energy. I usually feel so light it's as if I am empty space. The only snag about walking as Infinite Self is it feels as if you're doing nothing. If you're someone who likes to feel the burn, then walking as Infinite Self is probably not for you.

The articles I write are by Infinite Self. Infinite Self appears as people I meet during my bus journeys and my many adventures, which I write about. You could say I am always channelling the All There Is.

"All Power is Yours" is realising that I live and have my being in the one Self/Universe/Love. As Self I always have access to all, indivisible, power which may take the form as people, nature, animals, ideas and even invisible friends. All I have to do is be aware, be open, and let the Power work through me.


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