Monday, October 02, 2006

In the Pink

Two days ago I saw a friend at the bookshop. He was browsing through a car magazine. He's mad about cars. He told me which car companies own which models. I can't remember now who they are but it was riveting stuff at the time, not.

I told him that years ago I never saw pink cars but as soon as I had the thought I started noticing fuchsia taxis. I've now noticed a lot of pink cars though not that many compared to other colours. My friend believed only women would drive pink cars.

"Men now wear pink shirts so why wouldn't they drive pink cars?"
"A shirt is different from a car."

I wasn't so sure.

Yesterday I saw a man driving a pink car. I don't know what the model was but the car was pretty cute.

In the evening I saw another pink car. It was too far for me to tell the gender of the driver but it was lovely.

Nothing is impossible when you're open to it.


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