Monday, October 30, 2006


One of the fun ways I find to improve one-pointed focus is through Japa meditation, when you repeat a mantra or the name of God over and over again.

I remember the first time I went to an introductory Hari Krishna Japa session. Armed with our prayer beads that we were to use as our guides, we were asked to chant a whole round of Hari Krishna, i.e. 108 times. By the time we'd finished I was the only one still awake; my Japa friends were all fast asleep. The leader was very impressed and asked me how I managed to stay focused. I guess it was fun.

I find chanting "God" is an excellent reminder that God is all in all. Other Japas I use are: "Love", "Peace", "Joy", "Light," and "I am that I am." There's nothing like power-walking your way by chanting "God."

My experience of Japa is that whatever I focus on comes to life in two ways. First, the Japa chants itself. This means after I've been chanting "God," I can still hear a voice in my head chanting God, rather like an annoying melody you can't get rid of. Well, I don't mind the thought "God" in my head.

Second, I experience the power of God in manifestation within and around me. Let's say I'm chanting "Peace," I feel a tangible peace as a tangible presence and feel myself as Peace. Ditto love, joy and light. If it's God, I feel this immense feeling of power within me and without.

Yesterday just for fun on a very long bus ride I chanted "God." When I stopped I noticed God's presence. I could see that as people were walking they were moving with God power and energy. It was dusk at the time and I was struck by the beauty of the sky as the invisible artist worked wonders on His cosmic canvas. I observed God's power moving the buses and all the cars around; I observed God's creative intelligence in all things. I also noticed a man in front of me with the words "Life&Glory" at the back of his jacket.

While Japa involves effort, in fact it is another way of being. When I'm focused on, say, Peace, I am being Peace. How Peace is made manifest, however, is none of my concern.


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