Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lift of the Day

While I was waiting for my bus an elderly gentleman who lives in our neighbourhood joined me. He asked me where I was off to and I said I was going into town. He said he was going to the supermarket down the road.

"What's wrong with this one?" I said indicating the supermarket behind the bus stop, which shall remain nameless.

"The other one is a lot cheaper," he said. "I have a bus pass so I might as well use it. I'm not in any hurry. I don't want to be sitting indoors feeling miserable. I can take my time, get some fresh air and save some money."

"And you wouldn't have seen me if you'd gone to this supermarket."


When a bus arrived that was going where he wanted to go he didn't get on but let it go.

"It's too full. I never stand on buses," he said. "I like to sit down and relax. Why should I have to stand? It's not as if buses are free. The driver is not giving me a lift, is he?"

Very funny. My friend has certainly given me a lift of the day.


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