Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Many Hues of Love

At the bus stop I got chatting to a young lady. She said she was from South Africa and has been living in East London for three years, where she works as a teacher. She said she hopes to live here for another two years and then return home because, for her, South Africa is home. London is just a place to make money.

My friend said she went on holidays to South Africa recently for 6 weeks. She said her parents were amazed when she described how multi-cultural London is. She said some of her friends who are still "narrow-minded" will not be able to cope with London. I agreed with her. If you can't stand living with people of different cultures, race and nationalities, London is definitely not the place for you.

My friend was lovely to talk to. We travelled together on the bus and even got off at the same stop where we went our separate ways.

Love comes in many hues that we describe as race, culture, religion, nationalities and beliefs. When you focus only on differences it gives rise to fear. What if you saw the many hues as described in this excerpt?

"Everything is really full of love for you... All is love. There is nothing in all the universe but love." (Emma Curtis Hopkins, from The Prospering Power of Love, by Catherine Ponder)
In that case, London is a great opportunity to experience the many hues of Love.

I love London.


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