Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Personal versus the Universal Approach

I recently watched a documentary called Incredible Animal Journeys where the presenter, Steve Leonard, "charts the lives of animals in the wild." In the episode I saw, Steve follows a polar bear and her young cub who have travelled over 3,000 miles. Steve wonders how mother and cub can travel so far in such arctic conditions and still survive.

This raises two approaches to life that I am going to discuss here: the personal versus the universal approach.

Let me first of all make it clear where I'm coming from. I believe there is only the Universe/Infinite Love/the One Self/Spirit/God/The All That Is (or whatever you call it) expressing life as each of us. Therefore, I am the All That Is being expressed as Enocia.

How one experiences life depends on one's approach to life, which could either be personal or universal.

The Personal Approach

Someone whose approach to life is personal believes that everything he achieves is based on his own efforts alone. Though he may acknowledge assistance from colleagues and friends, he regards himself as self-made. The problem with the self-made person is that he believes he's only got limited resources that are constantly being depleted. He is, therefore, always looking to add more to himself.

Because one whose approach is personal is depleting the limited energy he is dreaming he has, he needs external resources to keep him going. This is why there is a market for many different health products and gimmicks out there. Such an individual will argue that he stays fit and healthy because of his diets, pills and potions, exercises, gimmicks, his genetic heritage, and even his nice thoughts and beliefs.

What's the point of doing all that hard work on your own and not gaining anything? You need a nice reward for all your efforts, right? Such an individual dreams up an elaborate game of rewards, penalties and forfeits. When he's achieved a goal, he rewards himself by moving up a higher level. Some people define this as ascension. When you've gained enough wisdom through learning from experience, you're ready for a new level, fourth, fifth, sixth dimension, maybe. When he makes a mistake or is not progressing quickly enough, he receives a forfeit which involves being stuck on one level until he's learned that particular lesson. And so this individual continues dreaming up new challenges he can learn from, which will enable him to move up a higher level and another...ad infinitum.

The Universal Approach

One whose approach to life is universal knows that though he appears to be an individual, all his actions are carried out by the Universe; and I mean everything, even doing number twos.

There are no lessons, no rewards or punishment, just the All That Is being expressed in every moment.

One whose approach is universal doesn't need to add to himself, neither does he need to believe in anything. He simply knows he is permanently "plugged in" to the Universe. It doesn't matter what he did yesterday, today he's full of energy; and can go on like this forever.

I love taking long walks. When I've finished the walk I usually feel as fresh as when I first started.

Why is that?

Because technically I didn't do anything.

Don't be ridiculous! You must have done something or you wouldn't have moved from place A to place B in however long it took you to get there.

Let's put it another way. What if you were driven by a bus, train or car to your destination, would you expect to feel tired?

Of course not! I didn't use any of my energy, the car took me there.

Exactly. Because every step I take is being taken by the Universe or infinite energy, I've done nothing at all. Can anyone make a dent on infinity?

Why bother taking the walk then if you're not gaining any benefits such as making yourself healthy?

Just because.

Just because what?

Just because the park is there.

You're a real nutter!

Moving on....

The problem is people whose approach to life is personal, i.e. the majority, are constantly trying to impose their way of seeing on those whose approach is universal. They try to understand them or expect them to conform to their ways. Forget it! You're wasting your precious energy and time that you believe you have. You're never going to understand one whose approach is universal until your approach is also universal.

Let's return to the polar bears who have walked thousands of miles. What if the bears are plugged into the collective bear consciousness? It is Consciousness that is moving the bear and her cub, not their own personal energy. Of course it makes sense that both can walk for thousands of miles and not get exhausted because they are being "walked” to their destination. Try telling that to the presenter.

I am now going to borrow a concept from the former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher:
"To those waiting with bated breath for that favourite media catchphrase, the "U" turn, I have only one thing to say. 'You turn if you want to. The lady's not for turning.'" Margaret Thatcher's speech to the Conservative Party Conference
To those waiting with bated breath for me to ascend, I have one thing to say. You ascend if you want to. The lady's not for ascending.

I'm already where I need to be and having a ball with the universal approach, thank you very much.


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