Monday, October 09, 2006


It is impossible for me to feel miserable and happy at the same time.
It is impossible for me to feel fear and love at the same time.
It is impossible for me to smile and frown at the same time.

When I smile, I am shining my light from within which affects all of me, inner and outer. And I feel waves and waves of love.

Another thing I've noticed is when I imagine I am smiling I feel the same effect. There have been many times when I have imagined myself smiling without actually moving my lips. I've then met people beaming at me because they've felt my smile. I have then returned their smile. Just recently a guy told me I had a lovely smile when I was only imagining myself smiling.

I also like to imagine myself as a happy smilie.

Smiling is a great way I find to restore harmony. You feel pain, just imagine that part of your body smiling. Imagine your whole body smiling at every moment. It works a treat.

I am a huge smile. :-D


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