Thursday, October 19, 2006

There are No Doors

A while back, I had the following dialogue with a friend who was responding to my post called That Didn't Happen!.

Friend: Perhaps you shouldn't be shutting doors, but opening them.

Enocia: Maybe. On the other hand, perhaps, there are no doors.
The Universe is total freedom. It is our true nature to be boundless. With our beliefs, each of us has created doors and walls around us and locked ourselves behind our doors.

The other day my mother went to a church service that lasted over 5 hours. I asked her how the service went and she said it was great and she felt really uplifted until her journey home. While she was getting off the bus she slipped and fell on one knee. She said six people came to her assistance.

Interesting. How could she have spent so many hours at a prayer meeting and not have the power of God around her?

As my mother and I share a belief in a God of Love. I said to her that since God is all there is, He is ever present in and around her. I quoted a passage from the Bible I knew she could relate to:

"For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone." (Psalm 91: 11-12)
She said that at least there were people willing to help her.

I was still puzzled why she would fall if she's been praying all day. Then I remembered my mother's favourite saying. When any of her Sierra Leonean friends ask her how she is, she always says in Krio "A dey foddum an grap" which means "I fall and I get up."

Is it possible my mother's expression had been manifested? She had fallen and had a lot of assistance getting up.

The next day the pastor of the church she'd attended called her. She told him about her fall. He attributed it to the devil, who wants to take away one's good.

Hmmm! What if the devil is your own beliefs, your own door you've built up? You're trying to get out of a door that you've constructed. If only you would realise that the door is a figment of your imagination; and that you are boundless.

When I brought my mother's favourite expression to her attention she said it was only an expression that people use and not to be taken literally.


As I see it, Love is all there is. Thoughts and beliefs not in accordance with Love are constantly being cancelled out because Love is always transmuting all into itself, Love. If that is not your view of reality, however, you're under cause/effect, where your thoughts are being manifested, for better or for worse. You then have to be constantly vigilant over your thoughts.

The way I bypass cause/effect is I know there is only one Law and it is Love, and it is good.

There are no doors, just boundless Love.


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