Saturday, October 28, 2006

Walking Joy

Joy is my true state of being. I don't need to look outside of myself to experience joy; I am an endless source of joy. Here are a few ways I experience joy.

I call on the Inner DJ, whose job it is to play in my head songs I love, the ones that give me goosebumps. "DJ drop that beat!" Sometimes the Inner DJ reminds me of lyrics that are full of joy.

I call on the Inner Clown who sees everything in a funny light. He is an endless source of funny anecdotes, satire and humour.

I recall funny stories and incidents. Ideas fill me up with joy.

I tune into my inner canned laughter that sounds like the way I laugh.

I smile.

The simplest way of course is to simply be still and know that I am Joy.

I find joy tastes like nectar. How do I know what nectar tastes like? a child, I used to cut the heads off flowers and drink their nectar. Yes, it was me, I confess my sins, OK! In case you’re wondering, no, I no longer drink nectar from flowers, I'm a big girl now.

I feel joy, I see joy, I taste joy, I hear joy, I smell joy.

I am endless joy.


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