Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Will Power

My mother asked me to run an errand for her this morning.

I had it in mind to get up earlier than usual. When it got to the time, I was still groggy from what I believed to be from lack of sleep. I'm going to rest for another minute. One minute stretched to ten. Then I had a thought. Well, it was more like a gentle reminder really. A Voice said, "What difference does it make how long you stay in bed? It’s not you doing the shopping but the Universe, the Us, the one "I", remember?"

Yeah, yeah, thanks for the reminder! Bugger! OK, I let the "I" take over. I was instantly wide awake and ready to rock and roll.

This got me thinking about will power. While I was snoozing and thinking I needed more sleep so I can have more energy to do the shopping, I was using my will power. In other words, I was dreaming I had a separate will from the One Will. I had to be willing to let go and surrender to the One Will.

Reminds me of a bus journey I had a while back.

On the bus, I was sitting behind a man who was fast asleep. At first it was quite amusing watching his head roll from side to side. I also found it interesting to see how relaxed he was. It occurred to me that the personality self wasn't "at home." Then he fell out of his seat and hit his head hard. The passenger on the other side looked horrified. The man opened his eyes, got back on the seat, and went back to sleep as if nothing had happened. As I didn't feel like witnessing a repeat performance, in thought I said to him "Be still!" After that his head rolled back and he stayed in the same position throughout the journey. At the last stop, where I was getting off, the man was still asleep. I touched his shoulder but that didn't rouse him. I gave him a good shake and told him we were at the last stop and it was time to get off.

This deep state of sleep, where the man's will has left his body, reminds me of hypnosis. The hypnotherapist usually puts his patient into a deep state of relaxation, where the person is then open to suggestions. Most of the time mind control occurs when most of us are asleep.

The advantage of having personal will power is that you can prevent yourself from being hypnotised. On the other hand, if you're too set in your ways, you're not open to new ideas. So to let in new ideas you have to willingly surrender to Universal Will by intending it so.

As I was getting dressed I thought about all the people the one "I" has to work through in order for me to run my mother's errand. First of all I needed to get a new bus pass at our local shop. Just as well I didn't leave too early because they open quite late. Then there is the bus I need to get to the shop, the supermarket having what my mother required, etc. Imagine trying to synchronise all these wills. There's no way I can do this on my own. It's best for me to surrender to the Universal Will and trust in Him to do the work on my behalf.

At our local shop I asked the shop keeper who is Asian, i.e. of Indian Sub-continent origin, if he celebrated Diwali. He said he was Hindu and did. I told him I went to the Diwali on the Square celebration last Sunday. He said he didn't realise they were having it on that day and was sorry he missed it. As we were speaking I had the thought that as the one "I", he was also present at the celebration. As the one "I", I celebrate all religions. As the one "I", I exist in all time. Only when I think of myself as a person can I say that I do this and not that.

Will power is our personal freewill. At every moment you have to choose whether you wish to exercise your will power (freewill) or surrender to Universal Will. In my case, I am consciously aware of the two options. It is our will power that makes us unique and individual. However, when you surrender your will to the Universal Will, your destiny is tied in with everyone. Therefore, what blesses one blesses the all.

I choose Universal Will.


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