Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Heaven is Now

SULLIVAN: 'A hundred thousand welcomes.' It's an old Irish saying. We're all friends here.
JANEWAY: I had an aunt who used to have a saying like that. A stranger is a friend you just haven't met yet.
SULLIVAN: Definitely Irish. Fair Haven, Episode of StarTrek Voyager
Heaven is God and God is Love. There is nothing but Love. By Love I mean all that is Good such as beauty, peace, love, power, wisdom, abundance, joy, harmony etc.

I live in Heaven right now. All around me are my Heaven/Love friends garbed in infinite forms and appearances. At first impression you might feel you have nothing in common with someone let alone see him as Love, but when you go beyond his guise you discover the glory of God in human form.

I believe the human experience is a great way to go beyond appearances. By sharing what we are being at that moment, we are able to find commonalities and then be and share the love that we are.

This morning I sat next to this man on the bus. After a while, he asked if the bus was going to a place called Ilford and whether it was close by. I said it was but Ilford was at least another half hour by bus. As he wasn't a local I asked where he was from and he said Nigeria. He's on holidays in the UK for a few weeks. I told him my grandfather was Nigerian and my parents are from Sierra Leone. I shared my middle name with him - "Ebironkeh" which means "cherished one." He was surprised and delighted. I noticed he had an American accent. He said he spent some time in America where he trained in medicine.

Now that we'd broken the ice we chatted freely. He said he worked in Immigrations in Nigeria. He asked me what I did and I said I was a writer; I told him I write about love and the glory of God. He asked me if I was a Christian and I said I wasn't but I believe in God and know God is all in all. It was a joy speaking to my "new" friend.

Heaven is now.
Love is all there is.


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