Thursday, November 02, 2006

That's Life!

All is God and God is Infinite Good.

In a previous article I wrote:

"Whenever I have an idea to have an experience, that experience already exists. The reason why I have had the idea is because the idea is seeking expression in the first place. Therefore, instead of trying to figure out how the idea is going to be expressed, all I need to do is trust in the idea to express through me in Its own way." Everything You Want, Wants You
For the last two years I've been communicating by email with an Internet friend. We've talked about the possibility of meeting face to face but it hasn't happened. He also lives out of London so it needed planning.

A week ago my friend said he was coming down to London for a course and wondered if I was going to be in the area. It felt as if the meeting had been divinely arranged and I was well up for it.

Yesterday evening we finally met up and he was fun to be with.

We went to a cafe at a bookshop. The cafe was crowded at the time and the table we shared wasn't ideal as it had empty cups on it. After a while I suggested we went to find some comfy chairs in the bookshop. There were no seats available at the time. We returned to the cafe and found two chairs and shared a table with this young man who was reading his book. Soon a man and a woman got up to leave. Not only was their table clean, it was at the far corner so we could chat without disturbing anyone. I still had my sights set on the comfy chairs though. I soon noticed one available but we couldn't move as we needed two chairs. It was soon time to leave anyway. Just as we were going past one of the comfy seats I rested on it for a few seconds. At least I did get that desire fulfilled.

Thank you God.


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