Saturday, November 04, 2006


I am a being of Love-Light. All is Love-Light.

The articles on this blog focus on my experiences of living as the Love-Light. They are not meant to instruct the reader in any way. If you can resonate with my experiences, brilliant! If not, brilliant!

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Unless otherwise stated, all articles are copyright © 2006-2015 Enocia Joseph. You have my permission to copy and distribute articles for personal use only. Please include the link to the particular blog. For any other use other than personal, and any comments you might have, please email

Much gratitude and love to Ben Gilberti for designing the Light fractal.


With love,

Articles in Alphabetical Order


A Real Diamond
Activating Love
All Good is Ever Present
All is Love
An Important Message to the World Wide Web
As I Love Others, I am Loving Myself


Be Like a Little Child and You are in Heaven
Being Adorable
Being Full of Self
Being Priceless
Being the Life and Soul of the Party
Being the Source
Beyond Appearances


Calm Down, Dears!
Canned Laughter
Carrying a Torch for a Flashlight
Come, Let Me Kiss You Better!
Come On Guys, Show Us Your True Colours!


Diwali - Festival of Lights


Everything You Want, Wants You


Fighting Against Something is Fighting Yourself


Games People Play
God in Every Moment
God Rules, OK!


Heart of Gold
Heaven is Now
Hidden Riches of Secret Places
How Many Times


I Have a Bone to Pick With You
If Only
In Oneness, All Power is Yours
In Theory
In the Pink
Is it Useful?
It's a Dog's Life!
It's Angel Day!
It's Autumn! What a Mess!
It's My Birthday!
It's Out of My Hands




Let's Get Catty!
Lift of the Day
Living as Light
Love and Let Go
Love Dissolves Grudges
Love Downloads
Love is All There Is
Love is My Foundation
Love is Nuts!
Love is Nuts - Part Deux
Love Never Ends
Love Operating System (LOS)
Love Takes All Forms
Loving the News
Loving the Queue


Making Heaven on Earth
Masters of Time
Meeting with Friends
Music to My Ears
My Friends of Love-Light
My Love Companion
My Mailing Lists
My New Toy


Now, That's Magic!


One Voice, Many Voices


Party Pooper
Peace Be With You
Person or Spirit?
Pieces of Vector8


Rapport and Roman Numerals
Resistance is Futile
Resistance is Futile - Part 2


Satellite or Terrestrial?
Smile and the World Smiles with You
Speaking the One Language
Stop Dreaming, Sing
Surrender to Love and Free Will
Switch it Off!


That Didn't Happen!
That Loving Power
That's Entertainment!
That's Life!
The Answer is Always One
The Death Programme
The King of Love
The Law of Love
The Light of the World
The Love Sensor
The Many Hues of Love
The Moon
The Path of Receiving
The Personal versus the Universal Approach
The Point of No Return
The Power of Love
The Real Source of Energy
There are No Doors
There is Only One Life
There is Only One Power
Time and Timelessness
To Love is to Trust
Trust in Love to Sort out the Details
Trusting in Your Path
Tuning into the Love Station


Veil or No Veil?


Walking Joy
Watch Out!
We are All Children of Light
When Two or Three are Gathered
Will Power


You are a One!

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